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  2. hi Jay , quite like the Sturling,looks good quality.i would wear it.the amphibia crown as al ready said feels awful to new comers but is actually a very clever design.if your amphibia is the the same as those of old,]see photo] your sticky ball will not undo it as its the locking ring that turns ,not the back,you will have to wait for the pins.i dont advocate you doing this but i have undone these in the past by holding the watch in one hand and putting in one of the slots a brass rod and pushing it with the other hand.these are great watches for customising with all parts avaliable as cheap as chips,have fun,cheers greasemonkey..
  3. 1970 Omega Geneve, with a 601 cal movement and 18k gold case, inherited from my Grandfather in law, the black on the movement comes from when he superglued a cork disk onto the back as his wrists got thinner in old age! Still keeps good vintage time, (better than my LED watch at least!)
  4. Well at least you have a good excuse,I seem to buy some right when sober.
  5. Advice please re Seamaster I am new to the automatic quality watch world, but delighted with my purchase just three days ago, of a brand new Seamaster 21230412003001, which I purchased from an AD. I wonder if you could advise on the following: 1. How accurate should the watch be? so far it appears to be gaining around 12 seconds over a 24 hour period? 2. Although I take my watch off at night, it had been warn all day yesterday, it stopped at 5.45am this morning. Why would that be when I thought the watch had a long reserve time? 3. The manual does not mention manual winding for this particular calibre for some reason. Any advice please and could that be my problem re accuracy and watch stopping? 4. Does the way a watch is rested have an impact on its accuracy? 4. Useful information to anyone testing out Goldsmith's price promise - their price promise is not honoured - I managed to acquire the watch for a whopping £250 less than Goldsmith's supposed 30% discounted price and they wouldn't budge despite me providing the detailed of the competitor (another high street supplier). Although I have purchased from Golsmith's before I wouldn't touch them now that they fail to adhere to their promises. They quite rudely advised me to go ahead and purchase elsewhere, without coming anywhere near the price quoted. I look forward to receiving advise in due course.
  6. well done for the moment of reason, now a days I find after a Friday night out & beer I come and hit the sack asap, I don't have the capacity to stay awake or the desire to shop deano
  7. My first Seiko diver. Arrived this morning. Jury out so far. Hoping it’s a grower!
  8. yes in size and feel on the wrist only rather than looks it reminds me of the rolex daytona, despite what rolex say, in my experience the daytona is 39mm and so is this, also the 47mm lug to lug of the rolex, with the slim lugs feels like this on the wrist as does the 11 to 12mm depth, i dont really mean it looks like a daytona, but in feel size for size it feels like one. Quiet compact, but no it doesnt look like one, not really. Yes the condition is pretty good there is some gold plate loss to the pushers mainly but the rest is fine, the bracelet is fine too and i like it but it can feel a bit rattly the older look of the watch now seems to lend itself well to leather, when i got it i had in mind putting it on leather, i usually prefer metal, but somehow an ageing chrono looks good on leather i think. thing is kev i dont think the seiko daytona looks anything like the rolex! I dont know why they call it the daytona. is it nothing to do with a reference to the looks of the rolex? because it looks completely different to me and it looks a lot bigger. apart from maybe the pushers with the screw downs i can see a similarity there, both nice watches though, i would be happy with either on my wrist. And thanks kev, yeh nice to get all the lot with it, i'll have to cherish this one a bit.
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  10. SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZH 80K1 cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels. SEIKO-5 SPORTS SNZH57, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels
  11. Its amazing John, i can put the link on if you want, they didnt look that good in the pictures and i was circumspect that it was someone selling a single used one, but thats a while since and they were still advertised and had sold a few with good feed back, I'm amazed for the price, if i'd paid 30/40 quid i would feel fairly done too. here you go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handmade-Genuine-leather-Brown-color-watch-strap-20MM/372619203659?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  12. Now on horween. Handmade 9 quid off the bay. Uk seller. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  13. Been looking at these on the bay for a while. Only 9 quid plus a quid postage. So i didnt expect much. But they are superb. Ive had all makes from Hirsch to genuine omega and paid as much as 200. Amazingly this seems to leave them behind. It looks like a Hirsch Artisan with a nice stainless buckle. But has infact the feel of a smooth horween. Backed up by the 'rosario italy enscribed into the reverse. It hasnt got quiet the finesse of the 40 quid hirsh. But that makes it feel more hand prodoced. A bit like a Colareb in feel. Stitching is pretty good and the sides are sealed. The keepers are smooth so comfy. I think it will age and crease up really nicely. A perfect fit for the 20mm lugs on the 7t32. As much as the seiko bracelet is nice it is hollow link not sel on the ends and folded clasp. With a light closing clasp. Still fine. But of no detriment to the watch to remove it and let it wear something hand made. On the wrist it is comfy and secure. The back of the strap is natural rather than suede which i prefer. 9 quid off the bay. Recommended. Only took a day to come within uk. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
  14. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    Sheffield Park station on the Bluebell Line, shame the sign was in the way
  15. Great looking watch Nigel, for its age it must be one of the best around (Seiko gold plating wasn't well known for it's staying power!) I have to ask...what is the Daytona you keep referring to? A Seiko Daytona? Or the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona? Bit of a stretch but yes they have ringed gold sub-dials I s'pose. Great that it came with box and papers, that's a really nice set.
  16. Bit different for me ,both make and style....with the METRONOMIC movement....think it’s really one for @rafy1
  17. My mate's wife had a Daf Marathon for years, and it was a great little car. 181, what's not to like ? I went after a 183 a couple of years ago on eBay but it went past what I was prepared to pay. The Munga was good fun as well.
  18. Not seen one in real life but supposed to be black, the bezel does look a bit blue/grey there.
  19. Tom here from the US, just got into this hobby by virtue of a couple of inherited watches. One is an Omega Seamaster Deville, received by my great uncle as an appreciation of 25 yrs service at his job in 1966. I don't think it was worn much by the looks of it. The second is my grandfather's Bulova pocket watch, (50s vintage) a real looker if you ask me, also in excellent condition. And I recently started working for the Smiths Group, (you GB folks may have heard of it) and I found out that the founder was none other than Samuel Smith of Smith Watches. So I think I should get a company watch! I'm looking at some on eBay now, they look like they aren't too expensive for a nice, usable, English made timepiece. I tend to wear them not just stash them in a drawer. Looking forward to sharing in the fun. Cheers all! (pictures coming)
  20. Wartburg Daf (whats he up to?) sounds like my first merc cl500, you couldnt park that half on and half off the pavement, if you did you had to drive around at a lean for a week while it sorted itself out. That was a wild suspension system.
  21. That was an amazing result for Everton, though it looks like Man U might have another Ferguson as manager, who would have thought that.
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