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Hope no-one minds but I decided to make a new topic for flowers and plants.  There was one from 2012, however, most of the pictures were unavailable due to problems with the 3rd party image hosting sites.  :thumbsup:


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Ok...We all like roses, right? Reds, pinks, yellows...even white. But have you ever seen one of these? Caught on camera in Spain a few years ago, I give you Rosa floribunda 'Abracadabra'...




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One of the plants I've always admired is the large flowered Hibiscus that you see in Spain, Portugal and other places. This is the one that Hawaiian girls are often pictured with in their hair. Unfortunately, it's not hardy in the UK and needs to be overwintered in a heated greenhouse/conservatory, but is quite happy outside during the summer. The plants are rarely available over here, but if I see one, I'll buy it to add to my collection. All these plants are raised from cuttings, as the flowers rarely produce seed. These are Hibiscus rosa-chinensis....not to be confused with Hibiscus syriacus, which is perfectly hardy in the UK.

Orange singles.


Orange double.




Reds and pinks


White single (here with others in the collection)


White double.




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While posting the exotic Hibiscus pics above, I mentioned the other variety, Hybiscus syriacus, which is perfectly hardy in the UK, and given a south facing position, will give outstanding floral dislpays from late July through until the end of September. There are plenty of named varieties to choose from, mostly singles, but some doubles are available. These are from my collection.

Hibiscus syriacus 'Blue Bird'. This is a single variety, and one of the best blue flowers out there. It sometimes goes under the name of 'Oiseau Bleu'.large.002_zpsb43cfc98.jpg.7e13a0ca71011445c8ee7b3129cd9d34.jpg


This single pink is called 'Woodbridge'



This double is 'Blue Chiffon'....


....and this one is 'White Chiffon'.


Finally, this very pale pink, with deep red centre is 'Red Heart'.




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How about a couple of unusual ones? The first is the 'Mouse Plant' (Arisarum proboscideum). Flowering late spring, this relative of the common 'Lords and Ladies' has a 'flower' that looks remarkably like the back end of a mouse, complete with tail. The actual flower is insignificant and contained within the mouse shaped spathe.




The second is the 'Snake's Head Fritillary', (Fritillaria meleagris) . This spring flowering bulb can naturalise in the correct conditions. The name comes from the flower in bud which resembles a snakes head. When open, it has a pretty checkerboard pattern to the maroon bell. There is also a white variety.



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Should I have started a new "Weeds" thread? :laughing2dw:

Perhaps, but I came across this today. How it has survived, on the headland, in the face of some 50+ mph winds off the North Sea, I have no idea.







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I love it when the buds are swelling, It means the winter is on it's way out!!








Some of my favourite plants..

xsmvH7E.jpg 8QPqYAy.jpg



John :thumbsup:

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