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Found 554 results

  1. Hello, I recently bought a Longines 18kt gold watch. The rotor is very lose. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the wear ? Cheers
  2. Advice please re Seamaster I am new to the automatic quality watch world, but delighted with my purchase just three days ago, of a brand new Seamaster 21230412003001, which I purchased from an AD. I wonder if you could advise on the following: 1. How accurate should the watch be? so far it appears to be gaining around 12 seconds over a 24 hour period? 2. Although I take my watch off at night, it had been warn all day yesterday, it stopped at 5.45am this morning. Why would that be when I thought the watch had a long reserve time? 3. The manual does not mention manual winding for this particular calibre for some reason. Any advice please and could that be my problem re accuracy and watch stopping? 4. Does the way a watch is rested have an impact on its accuracy? 4. Useful information to anyone testing out Goldsmith's price promise - their price promise is not honoured - I managed to acquire the watch for a whopping £250 less than Goldsmith's supposed 30% discounted price and they wouldn't budge despite me providing the detailed of the competitor (another high street supplier). Although I have purchased from Golsmith's before I wouldn't touch them now that they fail to adhere to their promises. They quite rudely advised me to go ahead and purchase elsewhere, without coming anywhere near the price quoted. I look forward to receiving advise in due course.
  3. Hello. This is my Great grandfathers watch. Ive been trying to age it. I removed the movement from the frame and it had 2 engravings on 'XI' 'XII'. Any help would be greatly appreciated https://m.imgur.com/a/6GM8Gmh
  4. I recently joined the forum to try to learn a bit about something that has been itch for some time but has become more of a passion now, watches, more particularly mechanical watches as opposed to the electrically powered quartz watches. I have a Roamer Sam Marino which from some googling and reading around the forum seems to have been produced in small numbers, my ultimate aim with this watch is to bring it back to as near to it's new condition as I can unless it is better to leave it as is. I have owned this watch from new and its had a hard life over the years and so know its history so far as it was a present for a significant milestone in 1976 so I'm pretty sure it was built around that time. I know that the crown was replaced with a plain one in its early years by the jeweler it was purchased from as the blue cabouchon fell out of the original crown. A metal wrist band was fitted by the same person at a later date, badly from what I can see as it has damaged the plating on the inside of at least one of the lugs. What I know of the watch is that marked in the rear case is the following number 487-8230.813 which should be Caliber number - 487 This is actually 7001 Case info 8 particularly flat cases to house the Peseux movements Case material 23 20 micron yellow gold 0 unknown usually 0 or 9 Style 813 The watch runs and keeps reasonable time but I have not checked it to any great accuracy, I would like to replace the plain crown with an original if possible, however when I opened the back to check the caliber number I noted that the stem at the outer end where the crown is fitted is rusted. Are new stems & crowns available ? I have looked at the cousins site and can find stems and crowns that would suit, but will they fit as my watch isn't listed but the caliber is. Is it a sensible move to replace both the and not bother with the old parts ? I would also like to replace the crystal or at least purchase a replacement in case the original is damaged during removal as I intend to clean up the case to evaluate its overal condition before I make any further decisions about how far to go. How do I identify the correct crystal as I have been unable to find any specific detail on any of the sites by googling, is there a reference site I can look up ? I can also see a small area at 12 oclock where there seems to be a small area of laquer lifting is this a common issue, is it easy to repair or is it best left alone? Sorry for the long post and many questions,b ut I suspect this may be the start of a long journey and learning curve for me. I will post some closer pictures shortly.
  5. My grandmothers brother purchased this in switzerland around 95 ish. He passed on and left this to me. How much is it worth ??
  6. Hi folks, I hope someone out there can help! My mother has this watch that belonged to her father. She says he received it as a gift in the 1950s, so it might be older than that. Apparently he obtained it from a friend who used to travel from Perth (Scotland) to Switzerland quite often. I have not found a single mention of a "Lovi" watch anywhere on this forum or the wider internet, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it? It's Swiss Made, presumably with a gold-plated case, 30mm dial, 17 jewels, "antimagnetic". Unfortunately it isn't working - the stem pulls all the way out, so it's going to need a visit to my local watchmaker. The inner case back has no markings and I can't make out any information on the movement. I'm not expecting it to be valuable (or particularly interesting) but evidently it was well-used by my grandfather, so I'd really appreciate if anyone can shed any light on this piece. Here are some photos: Thanks for reading. :-) Alan
  7. Hello, My name is Mark Para I am the founder of Carpathia Watch Co. from Chicago. I have spent the last year pursuing my passion for watches and design. Carpathia’s founder, designer, and watchmaker. I am a first-generation Polish-American, born in Chicago. A graphic artist by trade, I aspired to turn my lifelong passion for wristwatches into my main enterprise. I have designed watches for several other companies, and spent years collecting and restoring vintage timepieces. My love of antiques extends to my vast collection of watchmaker’s tools including an original 1920’s J.H. Rosburg watchmaker’s desk produced in Chicago. About Carpathia Watch Co. Carpathia Watch Co. represents the return of the luxury watch brand to Chicago and strives to create distinctive timepieces that embody tradition and cultural influence for a new era. Taking inspiration from this diverse, world class city our watches are versatile yet timeless. Every Carpathia watch is designed and assembled in America, influenced firmly by our European roots, with a Swiss movement at its heart. I am a lifetime watch enthusiast as well as a relentless discoverer and renovator of vintage watches. With years of experience in restoration, I resolved to leave his mark on the world of fine timepieces. At Carpathia Watch Co. we relish the hands-on experience of creating something personal and to create a watch that outlives trends, continuing to be handed down in tradition for years to come. At Carpathia Watch Co., we are craftsmen, artists, and watch aficionados. I began my lifelong affinity for horology as a child traveling through Europe and ogling watches through shop windows. If anyone in the family had an old watch laying around, I was sure to try and claim it for my own, slowly building a collection. Listening to the distinct tick of every watch with wonderment, I pondered the mechanical inner workings. At the onset of design, we knew we wanted our watch to be rooted in tradition but to reflect modern trends. We drew influences from those little known European watch brands I collected, as well as high end luxury watches. With understated elegance, high quality and simplicity, Carpathia watches are true originals. Our name comes from the Carpathian mountain range which traverses the land we originate from in the southern part of Poland. We wanted to embody in our product the overwhelming sense of beauty and inspiration we feel when we return home to the Carpathian Mountains. The breathtaking simplicity and grandeur. Our logo, the white stork, represents the concept of lifelong migration and is considered a sign of prosperity. I am currently working on our website and hoping to launch August of this year 2017. If you would like to view more of my watches please check out @carpathiawatches on instagram. We will be selling 4 limited edition watches called the Ascent. Color combos are as follows - Ascent Rose Gold - Ascent Chrome - Ascent Brushed Gold - Ascent Matte Black All Carpathia Ascents will be fitted with the following. - Automatic ETA 2824-2 Top grade movement - Domed sapphire crystal in front - Sapphire display caseback - 5 atm water resistant - Genuine leather straps with case matching clasps - sunburst dials - date window - 2 year limited warranty - Assembled by me We will have a limited number of 300 units to pre order. Each retail price will be 950.00 usd after our Kickstarter campaign. There will be discounted tiers on kickstarter which we have yet to decide.
  8. Hi guys. I've recently developed a full blown watch obsession and whilst i have been reading/researching on the net, i have to admit i could do with some help. I currently own several quartz and one automatic (fossil), not including my jaeger vintage pocket watch. My next buy i wanted to be a swiss made automatic. I've picked out 4 and wanted to know people's thoughts on these watches and if they are worth the money. 1 - tossot pr100 powermatic 80, blue dial. £475. I recently saw the quartz version and it didnt feel as heavy or as nice as i thought it would for the price (i have a £200 diesel that feels loads better) 2 - TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 5 MENS 41MM AUTOMATIC DAY-DATE WATCH - blue dial. Looks really nice, but £2000 for a tag? Which made me think of number 3 3 - omega, de ville, blue dial £2550. But only 3atm for the price puts me off. 3/a - omega seamaster aqua terra blue dial £4000. Love this watch but i can by a rolex for similar price (what do i do) 4 - rolex oyster perpetual £4300, chanoagne coloured dial. I wanted the watch to look dress smart and that ruled out omega seamaster for me which was £2500. Cliffs, which watch is best value for money, best investment, best build etc, looks best? Tissot Tag Omega de ville Omega seamaster Rolex Thanks
  9. Hi to all, my name is Nicola Callegaro and I'm the founder of echo/neutra a new Italian brand which will be launched in March on Kickstarter. I decided to write a post here in order to share with you our project and receive some feedbacks about our watches. Our collection consists of 4 Swiss Made automatic watches designed in Italy and inspired by the Italian Dolomites, a special place for us where we spend a lot of time every year with our families. Here there are the specs of the AVERAU watch: - 42mm wide - 52.5mm lug-to-lug - 11.5mm height - 20mm lug width; - 316L Stainless steel case (IP on the black versions); - Superluminova on main indexes and hands; - AR coated sapphire front glass + sapphire back glass; - Screw down crown; - 100mt water resistance; - 4 types of italian leather straps. The movement we choose is the STP 1-11 (Fossil Group), 44 hours power reserve, 28'800 vph, 26 jewels, stop seconds feature, 5 positions testing (CH, CB, 6H, 9H, 3H - Cosc criteria). Here I post some pictures of our prototypes: The price for the first offers will be around 400€. On our website, you could find other information about our watches and our project: https://echoneutra.com So I wait for your opinions, many thanks for your attention, Nicola Callegaro founder of echo/neutra
  10. Good afternoon all, I have recently inherited my grandfathers pocket watches however my knowledge of watches is very limited, I would really appreciate any information you guys might have. There are two: "West end Watch Co" stamped on the back with 'The A1 Regulator' Swiss made, with a picture of a stream train. The watch has been personally inscribed with my grandfathers initials and is dated 11-07-1945. Serial number 831097. I'm new to this forum and I haven't worked out how to upload photos but the link below takes you to same watch. http://jamqistina.blogspot.com/2012/01/a1-regulator-west-end-watch-co-rm350.html "Oris" Anti-shock. This is not inscribed. It has a chrome case and numbers on its face, not Roman Numerals. I found this link: https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=active&biw=1745&bih=875&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=srWoXMnOJfTggwfvpb6gBA&q=oris+anti+shock+pocket+watch&oq=Oris+Anti&gs_l=img.1.2.0l3j0i30l2j0i5i30l5.5329.12894..15646...0.0..0.92.1149.19......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i67j0i7i30j0i8i7i30j0i10i24j0i8i30.lr5p_Rgd1YM&safe=active#imgrc=R7DBpOG6mW__wM:&spf=1554561041459. On the back it has what I can find on the internet 'Vine Oris Pockech Art Deco Design In Tipperary Town' Apologies for the links, if anybody can advise how to upload the photos that would be great. As I say I would really appreciate any information on these watches, age, quality etc. Many thanks for your help Teletran
  11. Hello all, The title says it’s all, I’m stuck on which watch to buy, my options are... Tudor black bay used (2019) blue bezel, black face for £1830 box and papers. or... Omega Seamaster professional (new) last model blue or black for £2600. Thanks in advance David
  12. Well someone told me about Chrono24 and I got all tempted by a little German Seamaster! The chap was very pleasant to deal with and it arrived today so without further ado my 5th Omega! And 3rd Seamaster!! Solid box Decent amount of packaging Secondary bubble wrap And here she is! Came with extra links as well but it doesn’t need them as it fits perfectly Original bracelet and I love the Seamaster logo! Sits nicely on the wrist happy days what do you think? Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it looks fantastic!
  13. JThing

    Ronda 1223

    Hi All I'm new here. I'm looking for an Alarm Stem & Crown for a Ronda 1223 (Memocall)
  14. Greeting!Here's the backstory - I bought a Tissot Powermatic in Switzerland in 2000. It ran great for five years then just stopped. I took it to the only local Authorized shop that I could find in at the time and they said the gaskets needed replaced and quoted me $233.00. That wasn't in the budget at the time so I put the watch away planning on getting a second opinion. Not long after that, we moved and the watch got misplaced. We moved two more times and I just found it again last summer.I dropped it off at a different shop and they called and said the capacitor is likely bad and it would be $100 to replace, if that is the actual problem - they did not open it up as far as I know. As I understand it the capacitor/battery is only good for about five years and will need to be replaced again.So here's the question, which would the community suggest?1. Pay the $100 and plan on doing that again in five years2. Keep looking to see if I can find someone cheaper or get the tools to do it myself3. Put it on eBay and see what I can get for itI wore it everywhere so the case and bracelet are pretty worn, but the crystal is perfect.What say y'all?
  15. Was trawling a certain popular auction website looking at watches, as you do, when I came across this little number - Rolex Comex 16610 Submariner 1997. And for the bargain price of £79,500 I can't understand why it's still available?! Do you think there might be something wrong with it?
  16. Hi guys, I've recently inherited a vintage watch. I’ve searched around and cant find much about the watch and wanted to know if someone could help me identify it? It is a 25 jewel Swiss Automatic made by Concerta. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CwHDh5trHEODtjLuJIgvBXNtG60SaK7D/view?usp=drivesdk On the back plate there is a number 932 (Possibly Model Number?) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zcn5TUZvSeCZGm6g5o_2kFf8U_2nxA2Q/view?usp=drivesdk The movement itself has a number of things written on it: ‘Brevets’ (Which I beleive is french for Patent? ‘Twenty Five 25 Jewels Unadjusted’ ’Swiss Made’ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uq8Or9wU0cMjo1drbgAR_EuQ7UZ5Rcmw/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FH38VbxseIfeSmLn9ZBbMQaplbjmp_Kp/view?usp=drivesdk Another little thing I noticed (Although couldn’t photograph because of how small it was). There was something scratched into the inside of the back plate. 29876 \ (too small to work out) 2 \ 1975 Possibly the movement, some initials, number made and date? This was a watch inherited by my grandfather so any help identifying as I want to get it running properly again would be Awsome! I also Purchased a Vintage watch to teach myself how to service an automatic watch without the worry of damaging my grandads. It’s a Mondea 25 Chambord. I can’t seem to find much about this watch either other then Mondea was owned by Zenith at one point in time? Here are a few pics. Any help with this watch as well would be Awsome! Front: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TwlVYhjrbw-VgT-VT4xGhFhx2g9xZZby/view?usp=drivesdk Back: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Hs0N7yrckn5jn0bjWKQt9gIiokqXKTU/view?usp=drivesdk Movement: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qxXYxN5xZWqg064TKBhHkS8KBodNgbQl/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f5ZaByPsHky2etVwG2wXH8JZrHG-YpHZ/view?usp=drivesdk
  17. Hello everyone ! How are you doing ? What is your opinion about Baume & Mercier ? and their new Clifton Baumatic with 120h power reserve during the SIHH 2019 ? https://www.baume-et-mercier.com/en/collections/clifton-baumatic-men/watch-clifton-baumatic-10436-date.html I think the design is quite nice and the 120h power reserve is really interesting but i'm not a professionel. Thanks !
  18. Hello. I'm new to this site and just registered so hope I have done this topic correctly. I have been sorting out some jellewery, mostly handed down to me or given by family. I have an Everite mans watch, 15 Jewells, it's on a maybe gold stretchy strap which has a serial number on it. Its a real handsome watch but I cannot find another one like it on the I internet. It works perfect by movement, not wind up. Any info would be much appreciated Julie
  19. Hi folks! New member here. I have two Invicta Sea Hunters that I love! The big ones. (I am 6'3" over 300 lbs.) I need to find the links for the black stainless bracelet...about 25mm I think but for the band with 30mm lug ends. Thanks for any help!
  20. I'm really enjoying the eclectic coverage of topics in the forum I am starting work on a watch made by a local watchmaker here in Vancouver Canada. It uses the ETA 2892A2 movement. I was just wondering how to determine the nature of the crystal in the case. It feels like glass, but based on the overall nature of the watch and its construction I'm not sure. It's not perspex, as it's cool to touch. The scratching on it though is quite substantive and leads me to believe it's not synthetic saphire. Does anyone have any information on how to better determine the nature of the crystal?
  21. I was able to find very little on this brand. The few bits I have found seemed more or less positive. Does anybody have any experience with the brand I'm asking because this http://www.davosa.com/en/gents/mechanical/ternos/410/ternos-professional-tt-gmt?c=533 Rolex homage looks really cool and it is for very reasonable money (imho) Still new here so hope I'm posting in correct section. All feedback much appreciated.
  22. I would like to ask for advice on the best course of action to repair or replace the dial of a Victor Inox 4.562 watch (Rondo 750 movement). I have managed to break both dial feet although, somewhat worryingly, I don't know how. They are a push fit in the plastic surround of the movement base plate and the broken stubs were both still in the holes of the surround. I have checked with Locker, Hull & Thornton, the UK agents for Victor Inox, and no replacement dials are available from them. As this is a painted dial and I have no experience of replacing dial feet I would prefer to find a replacement if at all possible. I assume the cost of professional repair would be a significant part of the monentary value of the watch. I would like to ask if there are any other possible sources of dials I should try before deciding on a repair. PMM
  23. Just received this West End Watch Co. Sowar Prima this morning off flea bay.....Posting had only 2 pics.... both of them fuzzy and the description was brief....."good condition"...."keeps good time".....so i thought i'd gamble on it (looked right despite awful photo).....put in cheeky bid of £20....(not much to lose if it turned out to be a duffer).....to my surprise i won it for £18 and it arrived this morning (badly packaged i must say...wrapped in loo paper in a plastic bag and a £2 stamp stuck on it)....chuffed to bits with the watch though....for £18 ! has original bracelet and is in really good nick happy days
  24. Recent find on the Bay, A Jaguar Executive chrono J864. even with a 10x loupe I only found one tiny mark on it . Probably a little to blingy for me. It will spend its life in the presentation box. The price was irresistable, and the lady selling it answered all my questions.
  25. anyone know anything about Rogelin Watch Co.?......this looks 1950s?1960s?.......felsa 690 movement.....good ticker for its age @Always"watching" ? any ideas?....you seem to be the "go to" chap for obscure brands
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