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Found 536 results

  1. I'm really enjoying the eclectic coverage of topics in the forum I am starting work on a watch made by a local watchmaker here in Vancouver Canada. It uses the ETA 2892A2 movement. I was just wondering how to determine the nature of the crystal in the case. It feels like glass, but based on the overall nature of the watch and its construction I'm not sure. It's not perspex, as it's cool to touch. The scratching on it though is quite substantive and leads me to believe it's not synthetic saphire. Does anyone have any information on how to better determine the nature of the crystal?
  2. Recent find on the Bay, A Jaguar Executive chrono J864. even with a 10x loupe I only found one tiny mark on it . Probably a little to blingy for me. It will spend its life in the presentation box. The price was irresistable, and the lady selling it answered all my questions.
  3. Hello, My name is Mark Para I am the founder of Carpathia Watch Co. from Chicago. I have spent the last year pursuing my passion for watches and design. Carpathia’s founder, designer, and watchmaker. I am a first-generation Polish-American, born in Chicago. A graphic artist by trade, I aspired to turn my lifelong passion for wristwatches into my main enterprise. I have designed watches for several other companies, and spent years collecting and restoring vintage timepieces. My love of antiques extends to my vast collection of watchmaker’s tools including an original 1920’s J.H. Rosburg watchmaker’s desk produced in Chicago. About Carpathia Watch Co. Carpathia Watch Co. represents the return of the luxury watch brand to Chicago and strives to create distinctive timepieces that embody tradition and cultural influence for a new era. Taking inspiration from this diverse, world class city our watches are versatile yet timeless. Every Carpathia watch is designed and assembled in America, influenced firmly by our European roots, with a Swiss movement at its heart. I am a lifetime watch enthusiast as well as a relentless discoverer and renovator of vintage watches. With years of experience in restoration, I resolved to leave his mark on the world of fine timepieces. At Carpathia Watch Co. we relish the hands-on experience of creating something personal and to create a watch that outlives trends, continuing to be handed down in tradition for years to come. At Carpathia Watch Co., we are craftsmen, artists, and watch aficionados. I began my lifelong affinity for horology as a child traveling through Europe and ogling watches through shop windows. If anyone in the family had an old watch laying around, I was sure to try and claim it for my own, slowly building a collection. Listening to the distinct tick of every watch with wonderment, I pondered the mechanical inner workings. At the onset of design, we knew we wanted our watch to be rooted in tradition but to reflect modern trends. We drew influences from those little known European watch brands I collected, as well as high end luxury watches. With understated elegance, high quality and simplicity, Carpathia watches are true originals. Our name comes from the Carpathian mountain range which traverses the land we originate from in the southern part of Poland. We wanted to embody in our product the overwhelming sense of beauty and inspiration we feel when we return home to the Carpathian Mountains. The breathtaking simplicity and grandeur. Our logo, the white stork, represents the concept of lifelong migration and is considered a sign of prosperity. I am currently working on our website and hoping to launch August of this year 2017. If you would like to view more of my watches please check out @carpathiawatches on instagram. We will be selling 4 limited edition watches called the Ascent. Color combos are as follows - Ascent Rose Gold - Ascent Chrome - Ascent Brushed Gold - Ascent Matte Black All Carpathia Ascents will be fitted with the following. - Automatic ETA 2824-2 Top grade movement - Domed sapphire crystal in front - Sapphire display caseback - 5 atm water resistant - Genuine leather straps with case matching clasps - sunburst dials - date window - 2 year limited warranty - Assembled by me We will have a limited number of 300 units to pre order. Each retail price will be 950.00 usd after our Kickstarter campaign. There will be discounted tiers on kickstarter which we have yet to decide.
  4. anyone know anything about Rogelin Watch Co.?......this looks 1950s?1960s?.......felsa 690 movement.....good ticker for its age @Always"watching" ? any ideas?....you seem to be the "go to" chap for obscure brands
  5. Hi everyone, I have too many watches, but I joined the forum for advice on a particular topic: I am normally pretty good at dilemmas, but I am stuck on this - I have had a '94 quartz Tag 6000 from new. About 15 yrs ago the crown was left unscrewed (blame the kids) and it steamed up in the bathroom. It dried out great, kept good time since, but most of the lumed parts now have a tiny dark spot, or two, on them. Most people say they can't see them, but it's all I do see! The face is also grey, which looked nice with the green leather strap, but after getting through two straps real quick, I had a steel bracelet put on, and now it looks a bit ... grey! The only place that has offered to re-dial it at a price below which I could get a whole watch from e-bay, says I can have champagne, blue, white or black. I am thinking champagne dial and silver hands. I don't know, I don't know ... it's an old friend ha ha ha - it's like sending your missis for a facelift because you are embarrassed to be seen out with her (notwithstanding the fact that I am hardly Harry Styles myself!). p.s. the value of the watch after the procedure is immaterial - right now it just doesn't get on my wrist. p.p.s. Don't say 'sell it!'.
  6. just missed out bidding on this unbranded 50s? watch .......liked the aesthetic but was too miserly to go above £20....you've heard of buyers remorse......well think i have bidders remorse now......lol....what d'you think? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-1950s-Mid-Size-Mechanical-Gents-Bracelet-Watch/254106361977
  7. After oh so many videos in which the host TALKS about a historic watch while showing us the rather uninspiring modern derivation, this video actually shows us the originals. In EXQUISITE macro shot detail. Simply lovely. Featured Watches: Heuer Carrera 1153 Heuer Bundeswehr 1550 SG Heuer Monaco 1133G
  8. I have this "Paul Buhre" watch which has a sterling silver bracelet/band inscribed (i think?)......"Mick?....Christmas 1934.......my question is......is the band contemporary with the watch.......i believe "Paul or Pavel Buhre"......were a watch maker connected in some way to the Imperial Russian Court before the revolution......and subsequently moved their concern to Switzerland?......Anyone have any more info ......it's a great little ticker and only loses about a minute in 2 weeks
  9. anyone know anything about west end watch co. and association with longuines?
  10. Hi, looking for some advice please. Im interested in purchasing a christopher ward c65 trident automatic. I love the retro design, colours and leather strap and size. But due to them being online only i am interested in asking about quality and value for money as im very much a fan of being able to feel and see a product before i buy. Ive never spent more than £300 on a watch before so this what i consider to be a more sizeable investment. I am new to the world of watches, ive always had an interest of sorts and have always liked Omega but feel i cannot justify the price (yet) any help in these matters are grately appreciated. Thanks in anticipation Robert Catley.
  11. Hi Simon. I have a Garrard Automatic 25 that was given to me by may father. It is a presentation watch he received in 1975 for his 20th anniversary of working for ICI and is engraved on the back. I replaced the strap and have worn it over the last few months and it keeps time quite well, as long as it is worn regularly. I was wondering whether it should be serviced? It was kept in a drawer and not worn for about 25 years, and so is in good condition, although I recently took it to a local place in North London to have the strap replaced. They took the back off, then said they didn't know anything about watches like this, and managed to scratch the back when putting it back on! They also replaced the back in a way that the engraved words are now at an angle. How much would you charge for servicing a watch like this please? Many thanks. Jon
  12. i have these 2 ralco watches (movement signed ralco 15j).....neither is signed on the face but have identical movements......anyone any idea of appx. date (1940s? 50s?)....and is it true that ralco have an association with movado?......both keep excellent time.....one after a tweak by simon 2......also only 28mm across the face......ladies or gents?..... any info welcome
  13. Hi to all, my name is Nicola Callegaro and I'm the founder of echo/neutra a new Italian brand which will be launched in March on Kickstarter. I decided to write a post here in order to share with you our project and receive some feedbacks about our watches. Our collection consists of 4 Swiss Made automatic watches designed in Italy and inspired by the Italian Dolomites, a special place for us where we spend a lot of time every year with our families. Here there are the specs of the AVERAU watch: - 42mm wide - 52.5mm lug-to-lug - 11.5mm height - 20mm lug width; - 316L Stainless steel case (IP on the black versions); - Superluminova on main indexes and hands; - AR coated sapphire front glass + sapphire back glass; - Screw down crown; - 100mt water resistance; - 4 types of italian leather straps. The movement we choose is the STP 1-11 (Fossil Group), 44 hours power reserve, 28'800 vph, 26 jewels, stop seconds feature, 5 positions testing (CH, CB, 6H, 9H, 3H - Cosc criteria). Here I post some pictures of our prototypes: The price for the first offers will be around 400€. On our website, you could find other information about our watches and our project: https://echoneutra.com So I wait for your opinions, many thanks for your attention, Nicola Callegaro founder of echo/neutra
  14. Fresh of my fettling bench. 2nd World war General Service / Trade pattern. I presume the S on the Broad arrow means it was sold out of service. For part of its life it must have lain in the sun unmoving The hands have left a shadow on the sun bleached face. Serial No 043823. I did find a mention of a register of serial numbers on the net, but iit came to nothing. Only required the main spring reattaching to get it running. The case is screw. scwithwith
  15. Hi there to all I am new to this and know nothing about watches. But I have such a big collection of GOLIATH Pocket watches lever watches etc May sound a silly question on here but can anyone help me please
  16. Dear friends, For many years we have had a West End Watch Co. Sowar Prima lying around in the house. I recently got it serviced and it is working fine. The dial says "swiss made". I am curious to know if it is a genuine Swiss made West End watch, and if so, what is the probable year of manufacture. Inscription on the back cover: WATER RESISTANT, WEST END WATCH CO., EVERBRIGHT, AUTOMATIC K-5046 5747 The inscription on the movement right beside, what I think is, the balance wheel is "2824-2" and that on the rotor is "25 JEWELS SWISS MADE". Any information will be most useful. Thank you all in advance.
  17. Hi everyone,I am trying to find out any info about a watch i was given a few years back. It works fine but i know nothing about it. It is a small gold watch with linked bracelet with a pale face and a blue ring around it. It has Rolex and W&D 9K 782235 Swiss on the inside of case and Rolex swiss made 15 jewels and i think FASR on the mechanism I can't seem to upload photos but if anyone has any expertise in this area i would be happy to email them picturesThank you in advance :)
  18. Good afternoon All, With children and work I have somewhat neglected TWF for my sins, some of you may recall I craved a Heuer 1000 for some time, I love my Tag Heuer 1000 and a few years ago purchased its older slightly battered older brother, both of which have served me well since. I thought the Heuer was running out of battery so took it to get a new one fitted (there is a good shop right outside my work) but when I got there it was ticking again, now it seems that it will tick and keep perfect time when it is being jiggled about on my wrist but seems to get stuck/stop when its off my wrist, the man in the shop helpfully told me its old you won't get parts and its time to be binned! I obviously don't want to do this, can this watch be repaired? I am more familiar with mechanicals than I am quartz watches. I mean ticking versions of this watch still go for £600 on ebay so not likely to chuck away anytime soon! Any advice gladly received Cheers Yogi
  19. Hi, Can anyone help me dating a (square, Ladies) Sully Special Watch? A referral to an expert would be great. Koivj
  20. I have a speed master The serial number is 48371952 The bracelet number is 742 I'm trying to determine the caliber mechanism and year of manufacture. Can anyone help. Thanks
  21. Hello friends, I recently found an old watch from my parents. It is a Vacheron Constantin ref 733221.42005. Are there some people who can get me information about this watch, when it was made, some cool facts and stuff... Looking forward to hear from you
  22. hi, trying to put a value on my parents watches both omega, Dad's watch is stainless steel, Mum's in 18ct gold. They are from the 60's and were wedding presents, both work perfectly. They are not insured separately at present so I am trying to sort values out for them so they can cover them if warranted. Many thanks, Graham
  23. Does the collective have any reccomendations on where to get seamaster bracelet’s repaired ? I have a mid sized ref 168.1641 the one with the 300 style dial and an 18mm bracelet a pin holding on the clasp fell out and the watch dissapeared up my sleve. so after a lucky break i cannot find anywhere to get the pin replaced or even get a pin so i can replace it myself any help appreciated
  24. So I bought a fairly recent Rolex used from a local jeweller. The watch is away being valued for insurance, and a service. But they more I look at the box, the more I think something is not right - it also rattles in the lid (like a weight has come loose) is is the box genuine? Thanks for your help. Photos can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/IdRL8Jf
  25. hi Simon....I have managed to find a bezel that seems the right size to fit this TARA allsport watch....(original one missing)...however am struggling to get it to fit securely...have tried giving the spring a few bends in different places but it doesn't seem to want to clip on tight...don't know if this is something you could point me in the right direction for...advice wise....or if not ....something you could remedy quite cheaply for me... perhaps with a different spring? maybe... many thanks
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