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Found 234 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here so please excuse me if i'm posting this in the wrong place or in the wrong manner. Anyway I was at an auction the other day and I bought a lot of mixed watches and amongst them was this Ingersoll Triumph 5 Jewels vintage watch. I spent hours 'googling' it and trying to do some research but couldn't find anything all the similar. The nearest I could find was the Smith equivalent and a 7 jewel Ingersoll wristwatch. If anyone has any idea what year it might be from or owns a similar watch or in fact any information at all that would be much appreciated! Could it be one of the first wristwatches produced by Ingersoll?
  2. I came across this ladies' watch while cleaning out my grandparents' house. There are items from four generations in this house so I really have no idea how old this watch might be, although I have spent an hour or so researching around the internet. I've posted two pictures here, and there's an album of pictures of the watch at http://smg.photobuck...intage%20watch/. Here are the markings I've found: The face says ROLEX. On the back of the case is a swirly engraved logo (shown in one of the photos) and the numbers 9-4-25. I carefully opened the case and these are the markings from inside the back: R.W.C.Ltd What I think is the 'F' and reversed 'F' for the Glasgow assay office, and a lowercase letter 'a' 9.375 running vertically ROLEX 7 WORLD'S RECORDS GOLD MEDAL GENEVA-SUISSE 3889 A mark on the side of the metal strap reads 9c C.D.B. Any and all information would be appreciated! Sherry P.S. If I should post all the pictures directly into this thread, please let me know. I thought linking to the album would be more efficient but I'm happy to do either.
  3. I’m the web editor at Plaza Watch, a watch magazine distributed in over 45 countries. We are launching a new website later this autumn and I’m now looking for bloggers to team up with. I’m a regular visitor to Wrist Fashion and think we could do something really good together. Since you already have really good content perhaps we could share this somehow? And you would of course get a link to your website and a mention somehow. Would you be interested in this? If so then I will give you more info about the site and make sure you get the magazine on a regular basis.
  4. Hi, OK I'm new to the forum, so hello to all. I doubt not too many of you are into ladies wrist watches, to be honest neither am I. However my mother has been having a clear out and has found this watch that she would like more info on. I have taken a couple of photo's, though not of the best quality, I'm afraid. https://plus.google.com/photos/107338305882305419033/albums/5710871755882520721 Looking at the case when it is opened (hinged at either top or bottom, cannot remember), the case says Stolkace, GAS, British made and also has 9k gold markings. The metal/gold strap is of the expanding type, gold on the exterior and silver coloured on the inside. The movement is made by the Swiss manufacturer Helvetia, 17 jewels and has what looks to be 106-m printed/stamped around its perimeter, which I assume is the movement number?!? Can anyone guess a date for it? Or would you have to go by the gold markings on the case to work out a roundabout date of its manufacture? I've done a little 'googling' and have found that Stolkace was a Birmingham based company that made watch cases for other British watch brands. However I've not been able to find another ladies Stolkace cased watch with a Helvetia movement. Would the watch have been up put together by Helvetia and they had Stolkace make the case for it, or would it have been the other way around? Stolkace branching out to selling their own watches with other companies movements on board? On the movement front, I know that Helvetia are no more and that they made many men’s military watches. Would making movements small enough for women’s wristwatches have been a side line? As again I've not been able to find other's around on the web. The movement is currently not working. I'm not surprised as it's been sitting around, for only god knows how long. But my question would be would it be worth having someone take a look at it? Or would a good service cost more that the watch would be worth? The face has some wear in it, along with the bracelet and the glass in the case. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new here so please excuse me if i'm posting this in the wrong place or in the wrong manner. Anyway I was at an auction the other day and I bought a lot of mixed watches and amongst them was this Texas Instruments Quartz LCD watch. I din't think much of it to start with but on further inspection and after countless hours on google researching I think it might be of some interest. If anyone has any idea what year it might be from or owns a similar watch or in fact any information at all that would be much appreciated! Also could it possibly be the first ever affordable quartz digital watch that I hear some people talk about?
  6. First Post, Please be kind. I'm just getting into the wonderful world of vintage watches and I purchased the king diver pictured below of EBAY for a reasonable price (I think). Love the style, movement is strong (lasts 38hr when stationary), but..... everytime i look at the face I feel the need to open it up and attempt to restore it.... is it possible? is it worth it? should I just find a donner face? Many thanks for any advice. Regards Damian
  7. As Madame la Frog is in the UK until next week, I've put her list of "jobs to do" to one side yet again and have been doing some research on my little old Avia 15 Jewel from the early 1950's and it's Dennison Aquatite back. The movement I think is a AS1287. While I trolling around the net I came across an old post from 2006 on another forum of a Sentinel of the same period, If it's not the same face then I'm a Dutchman, (if I'm wrong I've nothing much to lose as my grandfather was Dutch :D ) My Avia and its twin
  8. Hello - I am on this site to try to locate an old watch, essentially one just like the one that my father had given me and fell off my wrist. I would appreciate any and all input on how I might find it. I do not know the model number nor year it was produced, but I do have a fairly good description, and the watch was made by Aureole. It is a rather thin watch for the period, with a gold face (not real gold), that has a flortentine, "crosshatch" type-design - almost scratched in, you might say. Instead of numbers, it has X's on outer ring of watch (which is made of the same "gold" material), outside the crystal itself. It has a separate second hand at the bottom of the watch. I will soon attach a picture of a watch that meets all of the above descriptions, but is made by Zurex. If you have seen this watch - by any maker - I am interested in talking to you about it. If anyone on this forum could in any way help me locate this watch, or lead me to someone who might be able to, I would be very very grateful. I know that I can't get the original watch back, but a facsimile of it would equally have great sentimental value. Many thanks to the members of this forum.
  9. When I first got into the 6309-7040 Seiko watches, there were a number of dial options available for modifying Noah, Seikoboy, Bill Yao and others all stocked custom dials for this watch. But not any more, why not?
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