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  1. been to a wedding with one of those cars
  2. congrats to you both just looking at your picture you all ways remind me of the keyboard player in the German band Alphaville martin lister now sadly passed away it's been bugging me for quite a while,
  3. Nice looking watch but I like it better with the bracelet on.Great dial
  4. the Dreadnought today going to york for a few days
  5. A superb looking watch and we do need a lume pic, please.
  6. I also like cyclops date glass
  7. Great pictures from above, saw Bowie about 10 times but to memorized to take any pictures saw the boss at Sunderland took a few pics of him, here is one going to see Alphaville up in Scotland in may hope to take some pics then have only seen Elton John once not really a fan not my cup of tea.
  8. yes you are quite right about that
  9. that is a great looking watch.
  10. This all week in back shift work.
  11. I do like the blue dial in the black case very nice good luck with your venture also we do like Italy to visit for holidays.
  12. been looking for a new tv for bedroom 40" is the max everyone I go for is not made anymore any suggestions please I thought this type would be the one but can not find it anywhere. Toshiba 40U7653DB 40 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD. thanks, John.
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