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  1. seemore

    Anyone know anything about ARTA watches?

    Made by the Liga watch factory Ltd and it looks like it has an AS984 or 1002 movement.
  2. seemore

    Age of my Hamilton Ventura

    Well its definitely after 1988 when they reissued them.
  3. seemore

    Can anyone identify this Rotary movement

    could be an AS2160
  4. seemore

    Watch Identification

    You are quite right it is not the as1130 but could be an AS 1155 or 1164 with indirect sweep second same movement with added indirect sweep. If you google "imperator watch" and look at the one at the bottom of the page it looks very much like yours.
  5. seemore

    Watch Identification

    That has an AS1130 movement in it and it all looks good.
  6. seemore

    It's an Orient Jim, but...

    As it is marked on the rotor 1942 and orient did make an automatic movement designated 1942 in the 60,s -70,s that would seem to be it.
  7. seemore

    Any leads on a watch case...

    Lion, Midland, Mont Vernon is BXL can not find PXL or RXL so i guess they must be the importers
  8. seemore

    Mathey-Tissot Watch

    Franklin High School is a public high school in Franklin Ohio, the wildcats appear to be there basketball team.
  9. seemore

    Bird in Ring

    Hefik Watch Co (Fritz Kundert) watch merchants, Frederick Street, Birmingham
  10. seemore

    New glass for Eterna Matic 2002 curved

    You could try euro watch glasses i have found them to be very helpful.
  11. seemore

    Any vintage Zenith owners?

    Mines a little older but still keeps good time.http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm163/dogrid/zenithchrono.jpg
  12. seemore


    try again
  13. seemore


    Thanks for all the replies i don,t hold out much hope but here is a pic any way.
  14. seemore


    Had about 20 watches stolen last weekend some of which did not work as i had not had time to fettle them but the one that hurt most is they had my grandfathers gold pocket watch which had "To Bert love Mollie" inscribed on the back.If any one see,s it on their travels let me know please.
  15. seemore

    Timegrapher Watch Timers

    if you google Regulating with Biburo Software and look at the fist result a chap there appears to have made some thing like a timegrapher for very little money, might help if you just want to have a play before you invest larger sums of money.