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  1. I had a few steam engines but traded them for something, Can't remember what though!! This one was around twice the size of my Mammod static! After I polished it!! The right one is a Mammod SE1, The left one is an ESL, Someone had unsoldered and resoldered the boiler endcap and steam outlet for some reason and did a pretty rubbish job when re fitting them I also have a TE1 that I bought almost 40 years from a second hand shop for £9, I put the tractor on display with other bits and the box in the shed, When I came across it flippin' mice had torn all the top half and put it in the bottom half as bedding for the winter! I just realised, It's been put away since before digital cameras came in to being so i've no pics of it!! Not sure if I put pics of these up or not, They're diecast and weigh a ton!! There's bits missing off all of them but I like them too much to bin them!! John
  2. Not sure how to do this (Computer thickie!!) I copied and pasted!! My first post was a whinge!! By the way, I ended up paying the bloke £40 for that watch!! (Still have it too!!).. johnbaz Tourbillon Member 680 2,843 posts sheffield, uk Awards Posted February 5, 2005 hello everyone this is my first post on the rlt forum,but i've been lurking for some time now . i recognise some names from other fora (is that correct for the plural?), anyhow, it's a shame to start off with a gripe, but it's annoying the bejabers out of me. i won a seiko chrono off the bay and the seller will not complete because he thought it would make more money than it did (£27) i know it should have but he wouldn't use the reserve option because it 'would cost him more'. i could not get a response to emails-until this morning when he blamed a virus in the computer, anyhow he boldly told me he would be relisting it and i would have another chance to bid on it (lucky me!) i tried explaining the ebay rules,pointing him to the user agreement concerning binding bids etc but don't hold much hope of ever seeing the watch. to make matters worse i was late for work (nights) whilst bidding on the bugger. p.s. iv'e told the seller he will be reported to ebay if he relists the watch. gripe over, and on a brighter note i'm happy to be a part of the forum (i should've joined months ago ) regards john. pps forgot to say i love the older mechanical seikos. Quote
  3. I'm afraid I can't stand footy but the wife is a 'Blade'!! I have found some great old Sheffield made knives at the bootsales around here too!! John
  4. Hi I have a few knives and bought two more last week from the bootsale!! One is an Enzo carbon blade (Have a kit with a stainless blade somewhere unmade!), The other is (So i'm informed) made by a chap has been outed as a bit naughty after claiming to have made these from scratch when actually the blades were made in Pakistan! I paid £35 each which I reckon is something of a bargain!! I was duped last year when I swapped my BSA Superstar carbine mk2 and a Webley Hurricane for these, The Spidies and Hinderer are all clones and almost worthless, The lad told me one Spidie was a clone but he wasn't sure which Some of the others.. John
  5. This our Smokey, He's very chilled, When we went to the shelter to get a moggie, He sat back at feeding time and let the rest eat first! He has a large body but tiny head!!, The woven rush mat that he's laid on is one metre diameter, When he used to sprawl out on it, He was the same length!, Back when this pic was taken he used to run in to the conservatory at speed and dive on the mat attacking it until he tore the centre out of it and it had to go in the bin! Recently he's become very aged and sleeps a lot, He had an ear infection that wouldn't get better after two trips to the vet and two courses of eardrops, He's also stone deaf, I think he was a lot older than the two years that the rescue centre told us This lady is Daisy, She has long fur and looked large but is very scrawny under the fur!, She hated men , The last owners let her live outside most of the time and when she was brought in for meds, The husband held her whilst the wife administered the meds, She badly resented being held down! She wouldn't come to me at all and ran away when I came in the room but the wife was ill last year and spent a month in hospital so I had to do the feeding, I was amazed when she came and sat on my knee one day! Even after the wife came home, She came to me more than her!! She seems to have become a very loving cat and comes running some days to be stroked!!, Both cats are house cats, She's scared now to go out and runs away when the door is opened, He went out when we first got him and didn't return for a month, Worried the wife sick!! This is my sons cat that he inherited with the house he bought, The lady he bought the house from was an acute alchoholic and passed away during the sale so the divorced husband took over the sale, When they moved in her cat (Which he named Sausage) wandered in and introduced himself!!, He has a small house outside for when the weather turns bad but stays inside mostly as he likes creature comforts!! We thought that his Moustache made him look a bit Lordly so my lad dressed him accordingly on his laptop!! And he likes nothing more than when the lad searches for cat porn for him!! John
  6. Digging up an old thread!! I think I have around thirty guitars, I've bought seven since last december! (The wife may do me in whilst I sleep!), I prefer acoustic but have quite a few soldid body electrics.Semi's and electro acoustics! Some of mine.. 1960 Hofner President with Framus passive pickup fitted some time after. I think this is homemade, It has Burns Tri Sonic pups and Rangemaster whammy bar!!, It's a one piece construction too!! Vintage V100 with set neck, Nicked it from the bootsale for £15!! Needed a good clean and the strings were so rusty that a slide would have resulted in fingertips on the flloor!! My most recent buy is this early Faith Mercury parlour acoustic with solid Engelmann spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, It's a true parlour guitar rather than just a three quarter size as the neck joint is at the octave rather than the fourteenth fret! Beautiful tone and very loud for a small guitar! The last buy before the Mercury was this Taylor Big Baby, Another instrument with a fabulous tone even though this one has ply back and sides!! Tanglewood Java series 'Folkie', Back and sides are Amara with spalted Mango insert, Nato neck, Sonokoling fretboard and mahogany purfling.. Two Vintage V300 acoustics.. Yamaha 460s from (I think) 1984, The bird insets on the headstock and at the fret markers were only fitted for one year. Solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides, It's had an under bridge piezzo pup fitted by the last owner.. These are the sellers pic off fleabay!! A couple of Vintage axes, Left is an AV6 with tapped humbuckers,The central knob can be turned to sent the sound from the thick deep sound of a humbucker to the shrill thin sound of a single coil pickup, This had a pro setup and is so easy to play! On the right is a Vintage Metal Axe, It has a Floyd Rose whammy with locking nut and is easy to use too.. The amp is a 150w Line6 modelling combo (Two 75w Celestions) A few others including a couple of Canadian acoustice at the far left on the wall, First is a Simon and Patrick mahogany and cedar, Second (Blue one) is an Art and Lutherie which my son commandeered for his own use John
  7. WOWSER!! Thanks for the amazing info! John
  8. I suffer it occasionally, Went and had the insoles made and only need to use them for a few days and it goes away, not had to use them for a couple of years now!! John
  9. I had one in blue, Gold and silver, Still have the gold and silver one but let the blue one go some years ago like a prat!! The crystal is shot on the silver one, I managed to find a replacement from Spain, It was in a Seiko packet but is acrylic which I don't believe these ever were produced in anything other than mineral glass!, I was happy to find the acrylic as then it would be easy to get rid of the inevitable marks/scratches but I put it away somewhere safe to fit at a later date then couldn't remember to this day where the hell I put it! I did manage to polish some of the scratches off the mineral glass on the silver one but the new acrylic would be so much better! Not much better in the pics but in reality, It is!! The one thing that puts me off with these is that the day always seems to 'slip' for me, The blue one was the only one that didn't and I sold it! John
  10. Roger- Those are just a small portion of the guns and knives too!! I've recently decided to reduce the collection of guns as they're just stuck in the spare room doing nothing, I sold six Chinese ones a few months ago only to buy four more German ones (Didn't go to plan!) but then I sold three more just a few weeksago and it felt liberating!! Hoping to get down to around 60 of my favourites! John
  11. They're beauties!! SMP- Speedmaster Pro!! John
  12. WOWSER!!!! I'll bet one of those cost more than an SMP!!, Are there breeders in the UK or did you have to import them? Absolutely beautiful animals!! John
  13. I dug out the Carronade and took a pic of the caseback Also found this item out too!, It won't run for more than a few seconds as it needs a service!, Probably not worth the cost of the service!! Sorry about the poor quality pics, I need photography lessons!! John
  14. This Carronade bullhead Chrono actually has Sicura S.A. stamped on the movement, The caseback is very Sicura-ish too!! Sorry, I got the pic upside down, By the way, The movement is a Valjoux 7734 manual wind! Hmmm, I can't find the pic of the back! John This looks the same layout as my Sorna Jacky Ickx easy rider but turned through 90° as mine is a Bullhead!, The movement was used in some Tag Heuer chrono's too!! This too has a Sicura-ish looking caseback (The Carronade is very similar to this) I wonder if Sicura and Sorna have some sort of connection! John
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