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  1. Mine is getting thin on top, I think i'm growing too tall for my hair!! John
  2. I think this one was around ten years ago, I'm the first fatty on the left with a blue boiler suit!! Think this may be around twenty years ago! Hair is greyer now (60 years old) and there's plenty more of me!! John
  3. johnbaz

    New in, Breitling Navitimer

    WOWSER!! That's a stunner!! I've an old 1960's one but the dial has seen better days!! John
  4. johnbaz

    I found it on ebay

    I thought this post was going to be abound with pics of Seiko Monsters Mac!! John
  5. johnbaz

    Spring bar puller

    Hi I have a 6111, The tips are held in the same as a pin chuck (Sort of like a collet!), I only just found it again recently after misplacing it years ago!! It's one of these although the box vanished years ago!! PS, Normally I just use a watch screwdriver John
  6. johnbaz

    Can anyone ID this LED please?

    I have an old one, Can't remember the makers, I'll dig it out tomorrow and see, I also got a ladies sized one for the wife but she won't wear it, She only likes the large £5 tat pieces from B&M or the malls John
  7. johnbaz

    Show Us Your Movements

    Oh WOWSER!! Some fabulous mini machines in this thread!! Some of mine.. John
  8. johnbaz

    Unicorn Movement lost!

    I presume you know that Unicorn is a trade name of Rolex? .. I have one somewhere but i'm sure it's a round one John..
  9. johnbaz


    I love it when the buds are swelling, It means the winter is on it's way out!! Some of my favourite plants.. John
  10. johnbaz

    Show off your pets

    This is our Daisy, She hated men and wouldn't come near me but since the wife was in hospital and I fed her she doesn't go to the wife any more, She comes to me to be picked up and plonked on to my lap!! This is Smokey, He was traditionally mine, He always came to me but he's a slag now and will go to anyone!! He seems older than he's supposed to be (Came from a cat shelter) but he's such an easy going and lovable cat that even visitors that dislike cats come to like him before they leave!! He's quite a large cat, The woven mat at the conservatory that he's laid on was one metre in diameter, When he used to lie on it he stretched from one side to the other!!, Daisy is much smaller than him!! Oh, He used to dive on the mat and fight with it, He eventually tore the centre out so it had to go in the bin!, He doesn't have that sort of energy any more!! John
  11. johnbaz

    Its Thursday WRUW

    Seiko 7002-700J John
  12. johnbaz

    Rotary Owners' Club

    Hmmm It appears I forgot a couple!! Aquaplunge (Badly needs servicing). John
  13. Hi Vinn It was originally a leather belt but it broke so one of our fitters gave me the stuff that's fitted, It's some kind of vulcanised braid, It's stiffer due to being almost double the thickness of the leather one, It was a bit awkward fastening the clawed fittings on to the end that takes the pin to join the ends together!! The Logan sounds nice John
  14. I love tools and using them, Not for my job but I have a few lathes to play with as a hobby, Trouble is the only one that's set up for use is an old flat cone pulley type that has wear in the bed, It's calle a Faircut Senior and was made by Hendersons of Sheffield, They make a sauce now called Hendersons Relish or Hendo's for short!! This is the old Faircut! 1953 Myford 7 Granville Senior (Also around 1953).. Little Wade Even smaller Flexispeed 7 Even even smaller Super Adept!! I've a few more lathes but they're more like toys!! John
  15. johnbaz

    Female members?

    This is 'Our Midge', She's in need of some tlc, I started the work and then couldn't carry on with it due to my knees getting bad!!, Also, I can get in but struggle to get out!! John