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  1. These now... LIMIT 5631 (quartz) & STOWA MARINE, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels.
  2. That didn`t last long... Oh well, time for a change to my wrist wear... Pure Mecanique MARINEs, (Arabic),Seagull Cal. 3600 17 Jewels &  Roman, SEIKO Cal.NH35 24 Jewels. ( Photos obviously taken on another day when the Sun was shining )
  3. It`s a glorious sunny day up here... Слаба, Сделано в России, кал. 2409 21 КАМНЯ(Slava, Made in Russia [by the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory] cal.2409 21 Jewels.)
  4. Thanks Davey & I don`t care what everyone says - you`re a great guy NB Davey`s post has been slightly altered for comedic effect
  5. Over to these for the rest of the evening... TUDOR HYDRONAUT II, 20030-93570 B3, ETA cal.2824-2 25 Jewels TAG HEUER super professional, ETA cal.2892 A2 25 Jewels, circa 1990s
  6. Time for me to have another swap... вмф ссср (Vodolaz Anchor-1 700M,full lume dial), Vostok cal.2409 17 jewels. Parnis MM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels.
  7. Kewel watch As to the strap, naturally being me I`d far rather have the bracelet or something canvas, rubber etc then any bit of dead animal
  8. A quick change now... Parnis RM & MM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels
  9. SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZH 80K1 cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels. SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZH57, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels
  10. STEINHART OCEAN ONE VINTAGE MILITARY, SWISS MADE,ETA 2824-2 elabore 25 Jewels STEINHART OCEAN ONE VINTAGE, SWISS MADE, cal.ST. 5 25 Jewels (Photos not to same scale?
  11. Congratulations to you both, it`s good to know that you finally have a responsible adult to keep you in line
  12. Great watch I`m making no comment regarding the bit of dead animal it`s attached to It`s great in`t it?
  13. I`ve just swapped one watch, so I`m now wearing these... STEINHART OCEAN ONE VINTAGE MILITARY 103-0339 & BRONZE 103-0575, SWISS MADE, ETA 2824-2 elabore 25 Jewels.
  14. Speedmaster, as I`ve mentioned before it took a few decades before I could finally afford to buy one but imo it was worth the wait... OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels. You could always buy the speedy & later on another certain "moon watch" to go with it... BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph
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