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  1. Mods feel free to move this to the watchmaking section
  2. Lightbulb moment, I totally forgot about the search function. The Wiki read was quite informative, much appreciated @Tazmo61 Might take a punt on one of these in a Tiger-Concept piece.
  3. The DG2813 Movement? Seeing more and more of these popping up in far eastern watches, but can't really find much info on them? I'm sure it's not on par with the likes of Miyota, Seiko's etc but I am rather curious to people's opinions/info.
  4. That does help greatly... Firstly I didn't realise the Quartz were bigger in diameter. Secondly that's the first time I've seen a side profile to see how it sits. And never even thought of the thickness including the cyclops...
  5. Been looking into picking up an Invicta lately, having never handled them in the flesh I'm fearful of it sitting very high on the wrist. I can see they also do Quartz Divers, has anyone handled either and shed light on the height difference (if any) also I can see these have a big Mod community... Where do you guys source the replacement parts? Ta in advance
  6. I've just discovered Raffles Time which seems to stock the kinda thing I'm after. The confusion is unlike Seiko Aftermarket parts that are model specific these parts seem to reference the movement as opposed to the watch itself?
  7. Does anyone know where I could find parts to fit a Steinhart ocean one 39? In particular replacement dial, hands and Bezel insert. The watch uses: ETA 2824-2/SW 200, élaboré
  8. I'd say mine's a 50/50 mix of 20mm & 22mm
  9. @Igerswis your comments are indeed right. After re thinking my logic, I ordered a few Wolf products... Box & travel roll. I'd pay for a quality strap so rightly the same for storage
  10. Sounds like the one, Sounds like good advice too! Great investigative skills
  11. That sir... Is absolutely stunning!
  12. Thanks for the reply Scott, it's more the style of watch that caught my eye over the name... When you say premium what's a ball park fair price?
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