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  1. No, I did lots of rolling that time - the next time hurt more, but I avoided grounding my watch
  2. The worst of the damage to this watch was done last year, when I fell off my skateboard - the watch is only actually about 4 yrs old, but it is, of course, my 'beater'. Is changing the bezel an easy job? I know there are folk on here do this stuff regularly. I don't like sharp knives.
  3. I have been looking for something like yours, but with a tachy scale; however, your watch gets all the things right that these two (which I have oh so nearly bought!) get wrong : Going to see my posh sister in Cheshire, so on with the Aquascutum jacket, and match my watch with it's lovely blue strap, hand made in ... Cheshire! I am very fashionable ... better brush the lint off, though
  4. That is a brilliant watch, well laid out, good hand length, quite a bit of info but not cluttered - layout and complication looks like an Eta 7750, which powers my Gucci dress watch, but that's a classy sporting number.
  5. Exactly - £25 plus VAT apparently - I may get a reader - and 30 notes is not much, but it could have been spent on a hand-made leather watch strap instead ... great watches - I was looking at the bronze versions a few days ago -
  6. No, I am hoping it is something and nothing - battery went flat when I left interior light on, EML came on when I gave it Frankenstein's 'therapy' and woke the thing up again! Deep joy. Meanwhile I AM in a Fiat Multipla diesel - it takes a licking and keeps on ticking! (Not sure that ticking sound is good, but as long as she don't stop ...)
  7. Thanks, I hadn't actually considered the appearance - there are certain things I do that make watches look like this (see below), ie bend metal. It was the hardness of the coating and steel that sold me the Holton. I buy pretty watches for other jobs, or the mantle shelf! Here is "worn' pro-trek : I wouldn't buy, say, a Squale diver, to put it through that . But perhaps that's why I offered to put it on a pink NATO lol - or maybe a rainbow! That would liven things up for the haters!!!
  8. Still on vacation - Zim UFO on Poljot shouldered bracelet. - it's all a bit ... Russian! but nice sunburst Have a good day - I'll let you know how mine goes after I get news from the garage (engine management light on ...)
  9. I did a search on the forum for 'Holton' and it only cropped up twice (both times in posts by me) - I have just bought one (as I implied I might, in my post 'one more watch' over a month ago). I hope to be wearing it later this week, but wondered if anyone else had come across them - this is a quote from an Elliot Brown spokesman: The Holton is different because ... it is NSN’d and Issued, and that’s rare. As we’ve said, we’re not aware of another British brand doing that in a decade.It's available to buy on the NATO system, and has been purchased from MoD budget by specialist military suppliers, not from EB directly, and will be issued from stores. retrieved from https://www.christopherwardforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=50890&start=15 This is the one I bought, after toying with MWC and CWC divers to replace my Citizen RM diver. https://www.elliotbrownwatches.com/101-001-r06 Just needs a cyclops and a pink NATO.
  10. I only have a couple since relinquishing my RM diver, but that is so nice. From the days before £450.00 was 'a lot for a quartz' ... I thought my quartz Tag 6000 was well worth the $$$ 30 yrs ago - still do! That's a fine example - I am resisting (I keep looking) - otherwise it will be a Poljot 3133 too; then a Sturmanskie 15j with hacking seconds; then a Sportivnie lol - have to keep reminding myself I am not trying to collect the entire cult catalogue of Russian watches! Focus. Focus. But great watch.
  11. Look at this picture here, with the centre seconds at 12 o'clock, the running seconds are on a sub-dial. (since they are at 7 seconds). This is the case for what purists, I have read, call true chronographs. It is true for the mechanical Eta 7750 I have (Gucci), and the quartz Eta 262 (Squale). I do have one chrono with running centre seconds that I like (Breil) and one I don't (Fossil) but, crucially, neither of them have a tachymything on the bezel nor the chapter ring, for which a chrono-stop centre seconds hand is vital. Because, as you pass the first marker you 'click' - and the centre seconds hand starts to sweep the tachymetre scale; then as you pass the second marker - click - stop the second hand and read off the scale how many of those intervals you would do in an hour - could be km or mi depending on the distance between the markers. But if your stop-watch second hand is on a sub-dial (with running centre seconds), you have no reference second hand sweeping the tachy scale from which to read, that you can start and stop at the precise moment. NB to read 50mph on the PN Daytona, that would need the second hand to go back past '12', ie 72 seconds. The PN Daytona tachy is only good for speed between 50 and 200 - most modern ones are good for 60 - 300. I think you are getting it now. The 'Boss' watch has stop seconds on a sub-dial, a million miles away from the tachy scale, rendering the scale useless. and it has an elapsed time bezel, not a tachymetre scale, therefore super
  12. Oh please, you wouldn't know sense if it walked up to you in the street, pressed it's business card in your palm, and invited you to take a free subscription to a 15 volume set of 'How To Think and Write and Speak Correctly' by Captain 'Sensible' McNous, champion salesman of Clark's no-nonsense Velcro fastening shoe range.
  13. Well I got my arbour roof varnished, so I'm happy, and 'unsettled' might drive the drunk neighbours indoors
  14. I design and build them - designed and made glovebox isolators too! Right now I'm on the beach ...
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