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  1. As far as I could see, there aren't any unfortunately. Good quality bezel + insert from Dagaz or whatever will easily run to forty quid. If you split that cost out over the life of the watch it's easier to justify I guess, but I'm fairly sure the replacement bezels are better quality than the Amphibia itself anyway!
  2. They look tidy, good work, but what is the thing on the side?
  3. Aye, I generally find Mercedes hands too busy - but on a clean dial they look great.
  4. I lolled so hard at that Mrs ryry asked what was up, so I explained the whole thing to her and now she thinks I'm even more educationally subnormal than she did previously. Thanks a f*king bunch, Nigels
  5. Can we all just take a moment to marvel at NigelB and NigelP enjoying a slightly improbable geographical moment. If we can locate Nigels C, D, E, G, T and V we've got the full set!* *American cousin Nigel Zee isn't on speaking terms.
  6. ry ry


    Glad Martin is ok, he seems a nice bloke and has impeccable taste in watches... but blimey! calm down lads :D ps. For future reference i'm claiming first dibs on all your stuff in the eventuality you go missing for a couple of weeks. By reading this you have agreed to my Ts&Cs.
  7. Seems fine now. The CSS assets weren't loading properly for me earlier either, and everything went bezerk - maybe the CDN was having issues. Either way, looks resolved. 99% chance it was EE being dongs.
  8. I've got nothing relevant to add, beyond saying Smith's is an excellent choice - lots of heritage there, and the job connection resonates with me - I always try to buy myself a watch to mark milestones like that Vintage can be a minefield though, so definitely worth seeking advice! For the sake of stating the obvious, modern Smith's is not the same company as Old Smiths too.
  9. As per title. Https is cacking itself. Android on a pixel 3, latest version of chrome, am running an internal VPN to switch DNS to openDNS' servers (EE 4g issues still). Didn't check who issued the cert but check out LetsEncrypt if you haven't already for freebie certs.
  10. External watch retention arms are available at £10 each, and can be mounted by our expert horological partners Tīmpsœn's (boutiques nation wide, by appointment only) however our innovative internal storage system with our patented replaceable scratch-resistant BiffaBag technology means any number of Tag, IWC or even Fat Face watches can be stored in complete safety. Additionally this internal component is removable, making this an ideal option for travel - both business and pleasure. For an additional fee of only £24,750 the Empõrer can be upgraded with a phenomenal 500-watch winder, hand finished in blue enamel by a Japanese master Craftsman and produced in strictly limited numbers. The question is... Are you refined enough for the Empõror Supremé? Waiting list may apply.
  11. A gentleman of taste, I see! You will be wanting our Empõrer range then. Complete with cufflink tray on the upper to ensure your ensemble is never lacking. Normally retails for £7000 however for today only I can do it for £250. Postage applied separately.
  12. Apparently so! The only watches over ever imported like that have been cheapo Creation jobbies so not much to pay either way so I've not paid too much attention, but it doesn't look like there is any specific duty apart from VAT.
  13. Editedit. https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/trade-tariff/commodities/9102210000?currency=EUR&day=24&month=4&year=2019 9102, providing that gold isn't actual gold. 9101 otherwise.
  14. Haha putting the Tudor on hold then? Tbh BBs are proper nice, but they're pretty common these days, you'll definitely see less people rocking that bad boy! Plus you may aswell wait for a cheap minty black bay to show up when people start buying whatever this year's variation is ... https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/ You'll need to find the item code from HMRC, they're on the internet somewhere, but I don't know what it'd be offhand. EDIT: this looks about right m https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff
  15. You could knock one of those up for about a tenner. Not that you'd want to. But you could. Actually, **** it. I need something to store my NATO's on. Gonna make one. I will use the least exotic wood I can find, some nice wood stain, matte varnish and hooks from oh, I dunno, B&M? Look forwards to me selling them for £100 on here.
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