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  1. Bright and sunny i am at the coast so a little bling today
  2. Mine are a bout 50/50 18mm and 20mm going from 14 vintage to 22 but only one of each at the extremes
  3. Been working away all week so only have what i took with me, wearing this today Old photo im afraid v poor internet where i am
  4. I wear anything from 30mm to 42mm but 36 to 38 is my sweet spot, that air king is lovely very similar to a small datejust i have. id say go for it you will get used to the smaller size very quickly and of course its half the thickness and weight of the tudor :)
  5. I have a few solid gold vintage some gold capped and bi metal too, not so keen on the bi metal the sub i bought bi metal as it was cheaper than a steel one. I am currently looking for a solid gold version of this i prefer dress type watches in solid gold as the sports versions are extremely heavy
  6. She who must be obeyed is not that interested but i bought her this 1920’s rose gold bulova for christmas and she fell in love with it, wore it constantly but broke it a lot, i ended up with another two for spares and a couple of new glasses, it is very pink which hasnt come out in the photo. the repairs were getting ridiculous but she loved the art deco styling so after a long search i found this in the US Sent it to jager for repair as it was wrecked got the back engraved This is now her daily wear its quartz so she doesnt have to wind it but all in all a result she still thinks i have too many watches though
  7. Its a Seiko sunday today Sorry old picture unless it is actually Monday !
  8. Had over 30 sold some gave one away then bought some more got over 30 again damm this is hard.
  9. Omega seamaster chrono one of the very first with the new 861 speedmaster movement rather than the earlier 321 movement, Historically more significant, but worth less old photos
  10. Nope, nope,nope not for me and 48mm ! What ! ! I quite like the new navitimers though, but i want one of the old ones thats the only breightling purchase i can see in my future
  11. I had two of these both got very noisy and packed up both resisted my attempts to repair them ( used both big and small hammers ) eventually threw them away I could see the use for complications otherwise ill do without.
  12. Most likely Boris was a she ! I am away for two weeks from today so going for a gold theme today this Got two others with me gonna be a boring week watchwise
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