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  1. Firefox, windows pc earlier. On bus to work now and it's missing on my phone (android) also.
  2. Morning Overcast and wet today, so trying to brighten up with the Orient Bambino, 2nd Gen, Ver 1 FAC00005W0 (Cal.F6724)
  3. Updating my Orient collection with number 9 & 10. Orient Symphony FER2700CW0 (Cal-48743) Orient Star Classic Power Reserve SAF02001S0 (Cal 40N52)
  4. Yellow, although I like blue as well, the Yellow just stands out more. Have to say you have some great looking yellow dial watches in your collection.
  5. Beautiful looking watch, great pick.
  6. Morning Orient Symphony FER2700CW0 (Cal-48743) today.
  7. Must feel great being so close , I've still got 52 days (work days) to go, can't come quick enough.
  8. Morning Invicta 8927 Pro Diver (NH35A) for work today.
  9. You can see i'm not an expert on Invicta quartz , you're correct the quartz versions seem to come in a variety of sizes, smaller and bigger.
  10. Hi Hope this helps. Don't have the quartz version, but have a couple of the pro divers, 40mm, this is the 8927. I've 7" wrist approx, and this is how it looks on my wrist. It says it's 15mm depth, but tat is to the top of the cyclops, more like 13 to 13.5mm as the actual depth of case from back to crystal face (hope that makes sense ). I think the quartz versions are bigger at 43mm and of course the Grand Diver is even bigger at 47mm.
  11. Hi This is the Alpinist I got from @mcb2007 with Leather strap. and with a bracelet meant for a Seiko solar watch (original Alpinist bracelet was kinda expensive at the moment) which fits not too bad, not perfect but I'm happy with it, it adds a different look.
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