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  1. He he .... Not just me with poor eyesight @JayDeep.... The crack/scratch on the crystal is the second hand... Will the real scratch please step forward...(in between lugs)....
  2. oops ....my apologies @MrF-UK82 lol..... please excuse my bad eyesight and haste..... when viewing your pic....my poor vision was drawn to what i thought was "the scratch" on the crystal....have just found my glasses and realised what i thought was "the scratch"... was in fact the second hand of your watch and the scratch is in between "the lugs" probably the same as the scratch on your head after viewing my well meaning post.....found the acrylic polishing post though pinned to top of "watchmaking and repairs"....just in case you ever need it lol
  3. Is it an acrylic or mineral crystal @MrF-UK82 ?..... If acrylic it can be done using very fine wet and dry then finishing off with poly watch...there was a post on here somewhere with a step by step method but can't remember where...was pinned on....think @scottswatches knows a bit about this if I remember rightly....may have been his post....if mineral crystal I think it can be done but requires much more elbow grease ...I know taking a piece of wet and dry to a crystal sounds like madness....and the initial "fine sanding" leaves you thinking omg what have I done?.....but once it is polished out with poly watch the results are incredible.... Have used the technique and amazed by the results
  4. or god ...that sheep's fit.....let's try these wellies on @WRENCH
  5. this sheep has wellies that fit @WRENCH
  6. great idea @Roger the Dodger.... T.W.F. competition...."can you recognise the make and model of watch by lume alone"...1st prize pair of "infrared binoculars"(or maybe a full face lume watch).... £1 per attempt at matching 10 different well known watches to their "lume" fingerprint @rafy1..... A.K.A. AQUAMAN
  7. what's the deal with these "kickstart" project watches @KAS118 ?....i presume you buy the watch (subject to the amount of orders being raised to start the project)...then if the concern becomes a major player in the "watch market"...commanding high prices on stock...you are the owner of "a rare and valuable" first manufacture of the brand?
  8. ARTA 15 jewel. Cultivating cabbages and potatoes around the movement love the bulova @Laughing gravy you from Manchester by any chance?
  9. all this is wrong....RIP ....ZAPPA barron greenback would be turning in his grave @themysterybidder
  10. point taken @Jet Jetski.........servicing mechanical watches can be expensive...(prob more than £10 per year)....my worry was really if within 10 years .....the technoogy will have moved on....and the watch i have grown fond of...no longer supports parts relevant to the model of watch i bought
  11. @Jet Jetski @Rotundus .... was considering buying an "eco drive" ( i like the idea of a solar powered watch).... but was put off when i read somewhere that they need a new capacitor after 10 years or so.... don't know how much these would be ...or if they would be expensive to re-fit....or if i am just being a miser (the new one i was looking at was about 100 quid so 10 quid a year lol)....although this doesn't sound like much.... (i am a bit of a vintage mechanical watch snob lol) .... i fear that after 10years it would be a shame to "ditch a perfectly good watch".....simply because it was cheaper to buy a new one.... but this is the dilemma faced by a generation ....time will tell...technology seems to pace time i suppose
  12. ah "the emperor's new watch"... think i have one of those somewhere too....but i cant find it
  13. @simon2 (TWFs resident watch repairer essexclockandwatch.com) could be "your chap".... don't know how much a service for a chronograph would be though?
  14. home of that great scottish delicacy ...."the green or yellow egg"....
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