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  1. Thank you gents I just knew I was missing the obvious
  2. @kevkojak has started a competition thread in which he says there is a link to enable forum donations . This is the 1st I have heard of this but for the life of me I can`t find the link . Now I just know I am missing something obvious hear & this will make me look even more stupid than normal but could some kind soul help this luddite out as I like the idea of contributing to the up keep of the forum even if only in a small way.
  3. Great way to mark a milestone @kevkojak Orient Star on bracelet & leather
  4. Good morning,CW Slimline for me. Hope everyone has a good one
  5. Good morning , Mako USA for me today
  6. Good morning , Seiko King quartz for me today
  7. Seiko Flightmaster for me today
  8. Good morning , Mako Monday for me
  9. A stunning looking watch . Congratulations
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