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  1. It is becoming a chore now 'having' to wear it mate... No to be honest, I will never sell it. It's my grail watch. For me personally, it is perfection.
  2. Don't know if i'd expect much from them for £50
  3. Nice watch mate... Not sure on the jumper though...
  4. There's no pleasing some people.... Here you go buddy!
  5. Back to work? Whats work? I'm out walking the dogs ... thats kinda work right?
  6. Yes I use Instagram so give me a follow guys. I use it mainly as a blog for my recovery from mental illness and weight loss progress too . But my watches feature a lot also!! Username = mr_f_82 ++ Oh and it only shares data to Facebook if you select the tab to share data with FB or other social media. Mine is linked to my Twitter account also.
  7. I will have a look what I have - Prefer not to use my toe nail clippers if I can help it!
  8. What size leather strap have you use mate?
  9. Hope you're having a great weekend chaps.
  10. This old thing again... Have a great weekend chaps
  11. Hello sunshine, my old friend ... you always bring out the best in my Squale 1521
  12. Don't like something - Put it to one side and enjoy the hunt for your next watch - Sell the watch you didn't bond with and buy the new one! Eat, sleep, repeat.... again and again!
  13. Lovely looking watch there mate. Do the replacement bezels come with it or were they extra?
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