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  1. I am still thinking about which watch to get. Many of you suggested that I buy the vintage Grand Seiko, my heart would tell me the same. However, reading about GS, I came across many articles that claim that if something breaks, vintage Grand Seikos are hard to repair as Seiko has discontinued service for them. if I spend GBP 750 on a watch that's an investment for me. I do not mind spending a bit of money on servicing the watch down the line, but if the watch breaks 15 months from now and either cannot be repaired or has to be repaired for a price that comes close to or exceeds the original purchase price, I would be devastated, and of course I would want to wear it, probably on an almost daily basis. The Steinhart Apollon would be the choice of reason. Reliable, versatile, rugged, easy to service, can be worn daily for years to come. It ticks all the boxes, but it is a bit on the gaudy side of things, not ugly but big, even though the dial is actually kind of pretty. I am not a huge fan of the bezels though. The Seiko Presage SRPC79J1 is elegant, the dial is a bit flashier than the Grand Seiko. It's the cheapest of the watches, very ordinary, but very pretty. Buying it would feel a bit like grocery shopping. Somebody also recommended the Tissot LeLocle Powermatic 80 to me. Any thoughts on that? 
  2. Yeah, it is that watch, looked the same, but with the black leather wrist strap that is shown on the grand seiko website under history. I find that watch gorgeous, but did not have much time, so could not examine it in detail. If I go back to the shop, is there anything special I should check and ask them, in order to make sure that everything is ok? The only additional information I got from them so far is that the current tolerance of the watch is +-10-20 seconds.
  3. Today evening I went to a reputable second hand watch shop and they offered me a Vintage Grand Seiko 61GS 6145-8000 for about GBP 750 with 1 year warranty. The watch looked practically new. The shop said that they received the watch from a regular customer and collector, who does not wear his watches and who traded it in for another watch. So basically I have three feasible options now: 1. New Seiko Presage SRPC79J1 for GBP 300/50 (depending on movement) with 3 years warranty 2. Vintage Grand Seiko 61GS 6145-8000 for GBP 750 with 1 year warranty 3. New Steinhart Apollon for GBP 420 or Ocean 2 White Premium for GBP 660 with 1 year warranty Which option would you choose?
  4. I can assure you that I have been following your conversation. Regarding titanium I was alluding to the fact that there are different grades of titanium. I read that not all manufacturers use the same grade titanium and that some wrist straps that are advertised as titanium are defacto titanium alloys, some more, some less scratch-resistant. Furthermore, I never claimed I wanted a scratch-proof titanium wrist strap, I deliberately wrote scratch-resitant. Definition: Scratch-proof stands for more durability than scratch-resistant products. Scratch resistant, on the other hand, essentially means that the product is able to withstand minor scratches. I have had a look at all your suggestions. Damasko watches look really beautiful on the internet, but apparently they are not sold in Taiwan, where I am living at the moment. I do not want to order such an expensive watch online without having seen it beforehand. Centina is also not sold here. Steinhart has an official distributor here. Their watches sound like a lot of value, but they are all "homages", right? I do not really like the brand image of Rolex and what the average person associates with it, and wearing a "fake" is even worse and would not give me a good feeling. I read on their website that the Ocean 2 Premium was "developed" by Steinhart and is not a homage. Can you confirm that or did they get inspiration from a watch with which I am not familiar? Even though many divers look very similar, I do not want to spend money on an exact copy of a famous watch. So I will wait for your replies before going to their shop. I also went to have a look at Seiko watches and I must say that I find the watches of their Prestige and Grand Seiko lines absolutely beautiful. If I could choose any watch in the world, I'd probably choose Grand Seiko SBGA211G Snowflake, but that one is of course out of reach. I could buy the Seiko Presage SRPC79J1, which is also gorgeous looking somewhat similar, but technically lacking behind with a tolerance of +-20 to 40 seconds; but it would only cost GBP 300. However, Seiko's staff told me that that particular watch would also be available with a better movement for GBP 350, which would bring down the tolerance to +- 10 to 20 seconds. But I would have to order and buy it unseen. Alternatively, I could get second hand grand seikos from the 60s and 70s here for about GBP 700-800. They are also absolutely beautiful and have more of an aura than a plain basic new Prestige watch, but I am afraid of the servicing and repair costs down the road. Any thoughts on that and Seiko in general? Sakaro
  5. I have been wanting to buy myself a good reliable automatic watch for quite a while, but I have never had the time to do research. I spent a couple of hours on research today and think I know now what kind of watch I want. However, it seems to be impossible to match my requirements with available watches in a convenient way. I want: Top grade ETA movement or equivalent Scratch resistant sapphire glass Scratch resistant titanium wrist strap (alternatively ceramic) Water resistant: 5 bar or more [optional, but desired] Power reserve display (no other complications) High degree of craftmanship As cheap as possible, as expensive as necessary (if possible, no premium surcharge for brand name) Dial should only have a maximum of four colours (silver, white, black, blue), the simpler the better. Watch does not have to be dressy, but should definitely not be overtly sporty Any ideas? Would it be possible to stay below GBP 1000, or what would be a realistic price point? Looking forward to your replies Sakaro