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  1. al_kaholik

    Mechanicals on a budget.

    Starking - apparently hit and miss, but I'm very happy with mine for under £40
  2. al_kaholik

    Radio Room

    Smart with that bezel
  3. al_kaholik


    Bought myself an AM0184 from the official Starking site (https://starking.aliexpress.com/store/2166054) on the 11/11 deal. Managed to land it for just over £35 delivered. For that you get a 40mm stainless case, sapphire, an automatic 28,800 bph in house movement and a stainless bracelet with solid links and ends. I'm very impressed. It looks an awful lot more than the price tag. Its comfortable and chunky to wear but it quite striking. Its just as at home in a shirt as it is worn casually. Since it arrived (in less time than anticipated) and I got it sized up, I've worn it every day. It doesn't appear to have fluctuated too much in time, certainly it doesn't appear to have lost or gained a minute over the course of wearing and it hasn't needed a wind to keep topped up. Starking AM0184 by a_t_b321, on Flickr Complaints? The bracelet isn't suited well to my wrist size, when I'm cold it flaps about a lot, but taking a link out makes it too tight. No issues when I'm warm, it fits and sits well on the wrist now it has a Hirsch pad on the back of the case. The date is ever so slightly mis-aligned with the window, maybe half a millimetre, but with such small text its noticeable when you look at it all the time. Nobody else has noticed or said when they've scrutinised If you are in the market for a 40mm stainless watch, I'd thoroughly recommend one.
  4. al_kaholik

    Thursday tickers~ 06/12

    @Graham60 very nice. All of the Europe models are too big for me
  5. al_kaholik

    Wonderful Wednesday.

    New acquisition, was a little nervous but it arrived and is very nice! A little big at 40mm if I'm honest Starking AM0184 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  6. al_kaholik

    All the watch you need.

    @Perlative Cernometer Indeed. Got into mechanicals because that started eating batteries quicker than I'd like. Still a very smart looking watch.
  7. al_kaholik

    All the watch you need.

    Small, legible and preferably with at least the date (day also acceptable if it doesn't impede points one and two). Probably metal band for longevity, but leather without too much tail would also be considered. Attractive to look at, but not to attract too much attention. This set the benchmark for me.
  8. al_kaholik

    Feel Good Friday 30.11.18

    Something a little different for me. Quartz! VW by a_t_b321, on Flickr @Karrusel very nice! Any idea on the age of it?
  9. al_kaholik


  10. al_kaholik

    Old bentima star

    You can't beat a dirt cheap watch Looks great exactly as its pictured
  11. al_kaholik

    "Best" watch for £100?

    You don't need to go anywhere near £100 to get a nice used seiko Polished crystal by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Or a nice Bulova... Including the price of a nice strap PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  12. al_kaholik

    London stores

    Turn left... Long day yesterday!
  13. al_kaholik

    London stores

    H Stains is small but tends to have an interesting selection of 'higher end' watches at what I would consider to be quite good prices. Tend to be undesirable smaller models. They are on the corner of Victoria St. and Buckingham Palace Road (That's just out of the District/Circle line ticket hall at Victoria station and turn right)
  14. al_kaholik

    My watches (in pictures)

    Nice Rolex, and a nice story.
  15. al_kaholik

    Monday, Monday...

    Sea Cheif Favre Leuba by Alex Bennett, on Flickr