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  1. Thanks Andyclient, I will check them out. Simon thanks also,I have just sent you a mail regarding sorting out a constellation, I might just stick a load of watches in a bag and send them to you if you have easier access to seiko parts.
  2. Thanks Simon, I l put this code in Cousins search and it came up as outdated/not stocked. I can see someone selling in the USA. Is there a UK based company that deals in vintage Seiko Parts that you know of/
  3. Hi, I’ve bought a lovely sports matic 7625-7003. Slight snag is it’s missing it’s crown. The stem is there and I was able to screw a crown from a seiko 5 onto the stem. I got enough on to turn the hands but the stem wouldn’t push in properly. My question is where is the best place to get the correct (length) crown and how do I find out what part no it is to make sure I order the correct crown Thanks in advance.
  4. Funnily enough I tried on both of those watches, the Black bay last weekend in Harrods. I’ve got small wrists and the 39mm version was perfect, the only snag is there is a waiting list for that size. Went over to Watches of Switzerland and the watch that I fell for was the omega, the seamaster 300 with the aged lume. Out of the two the Omega for me, and no waiting 12 months.
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. This is a small ladies watch, chrome case. I have removed the case but the movement is firmly fitted to the inner case. I don't want to force it, maybe it require the hands to be removed first? I've looked for any info on this and can't see anything with just the Audermars name?
  6. Strap change, so it counts as a different watch
  7. Todays find, made in USSR so maybe pre 90's.
  8. You are a star Simon. Thank you.
  9. Hi Simon I have just bought this from a flea market watch seller. It was not working. Got home and opened it and the first thing I noticed was a big bit of fluff inside, when I got that out I tried to get the balance wheel moving but it felt stiff. Then I noticed a cog on it that was at a strange angle, on closer inspection it was a loose cog....( sitting on the case back in picture.) I lifted that out with my tweazers and hey presto, the hairspring and balance wheel sprung to life. Happy days , however when I push the stray cog onto the obvious pin ( just below the balance wheel in the picture) the balance wheel stops moving, remove it and the balance wheel starts again. I have left it out and replaced the back. The watch is working other than the main sweeping hand. Do I just need to push it on further or is it more complicated than that? Many thanks Rob
  10. More jewels than you can shake a stick at!
  11. I don't own a Columbian watch, so USSR in celebration. ...sorry about the date but the lever is stuck and I don't want to force it.
  12. Present from a fellow watch seeker, cheers John
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