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  1. Sphinx is on the Movement, with Cal 10. I will take balance apart tomorrow thanks for your patience.Never done this and waiting for a block to do so, hopefully will be here tomorrow
  2. 40mm i can not seem to find anywhere on pocket watch front plates any chance of a link
  3. 1.25 million !! for a PIGEON. Worlds gone crazy
  4. Hi Simon picture of the Front Plate. You mentioned somewhere that has pictures of a lot of them, where is it? https://www.dropbox.com/s/2f1njy82jpsjhx7/DSCN0521.JPG?dl=0
  5. stdape

    Why ?

    Not sure its a good idea, maybe get on without paying? Cheaper fares? And always a chance of software failure! If theres trouble, or a medical emergency, how will the bus know. Not enough info on the service, to make things clear.
  6. Need what part number it is a Sphinx Pocket Watch Cal 10. Needs a Balance Staff.
  7. Thanks for that, seen Thomas Russell parts, movements on e-bay just getting right one, as no calibre marks on movement hard to get right part. Will keep on trying for stem, and look at one of tools mentioned.
  8. Got book today also came with 3 supplements one 1976. I think i prefer having the book, easier to reference.
  9. stdape

    Old omega, issue.

    Some of these companies are a joke on prices !
  10. Well managed to get apart in end, got crystal out , pushed movement out, very tight due to dirt. I reckon it is somebody's reject watch, Balance Broken, Winding Cogs in wrong way, and the Centre Cog which holds the hands was jammed, broke the stem. Its only a cheap watch couple of quid so no loss, parts can be re salvaged. No idea on movement only got 556 on it, i guess that means something. Good for practice, see why it was cheap on E-Bay lol. If anyone can bring light to the 556 be grateful too know
  11. Ur kidding well i didnt pay for it, my mother did. Will look online later. This ipad is crappp. Only £20 for book so not a lot lost. Usually i go free route, but must of been of my game
  12. You are probably right, i have tried with a stanley knife, the watch is in a real grubby condition, and looks like a previous attempt was made before i purchased it. The winding cogs were wrong way round ! . Will keep trying hopefully no blood lol.
  13. Got an Ingersoll 5 Jewel Watch and can not seem to get movement out? i have taken most apart as pictures show, but i can not seem to open front or pull out from back. Has anyone had experience in similar watch and does the front come off ?? annoying as want to clean case and dial. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eft0umcbo3d6ocy/DSCN0500.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/go7l62bw3gbrntr/DSCN0498.JPG?dl=0
  14. Vinn Caliber is basically known as movement, which most use latter nowadays. Just ordered a Best Fit book, old one goes upto 1959 but as most watches predate that ii have should help. Annoying as Shop is about 7 mile from me but i can not leave house. (: just have to wait.
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