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  1. Very nice watch, chunky yes, but not over the top at all. Love the idea of being able to swap the bezels like that, throw in a selection of nato's and hours of fun to be had!
  2. Gold "racer" 5 today . what is the closest gas station
  3. Every day's a school day! Thanks Roger. And that's a lovely watch Cassie, incredible considering the price, well bought.
  4. Trying the newly arrived Borealis strap, very happy with it.
  5. Price on this = ouch!!! India Franken special, usual awfull dial and hands, typically about £15-16 on ebay. google maps nearest gas station
  6. Indeed, mine takes a hammering (I work on a production line producing and testing car engines), and it's only the bezel insert which appears to be suffering. The case is good, and the crystal and cyclops scratch free, and I know they've taken some bashes.
  7. My lovely old moggy inspecting my Seiko. I see your scratches and raise you mine. Fine taste sir, my Kahuna work watch is now on ready for late shift.
  8. There's one Edifice there (blingy gold thing), rrp £300, sale price £79!
  9. Every day is a Seiko day, but today is Turtle Tuesday for me.
  10. Mother-in-law fed and watered, time for a relax up the shed.
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