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  1. Alanjw

    Went to an auction

    Been on a couple of cruises and they have had 'jewelry' sales and they were laid out just like your photo. Always had a look but the names never meant anything to me and as for the prices! Must have seen the likes of Invicta - how could you miss those yellow boxes! Anyway still very happy with mine (which has even been admired) and is currently running at just under a second a day - well pleased. Alan
  2. Alanjw

    Went to an auction

    Blimey! Did a bit of you tubing on Invicta and yes they do make some horrors, unbelievable horrors. As I said I had never heard of the brand but looking through at the movement which suggested the company goes back to 1837 I thought they must have some idea what their doing! All things considered, I am still happy with my 'win'! Alan
  3. Never been to an auction before but popped in our local one which was having a jewelry and collectables 2 day event. Looked through the online brochure and spotted this Invicta which caught my eye. Turned up early to have a look, boxed with paperwork all links still fitted and totally unmarked, looked unworn! So I registered and ended up with it! Well pleased. USA made case with a Seiko movement, very heavy with bracelet links from solid. Not heard of Invicta before but I am very impressed. Alan
  4. Alanjw

    A Slight Makeover

    Talk about colour co ordinated! I like it. Alan
  5. Alanjw

    Timing adjustment

    Thanks, didn't really want to strip it down yet! It is 30 jewel movement I think I will continue using it and let in run in before I get too concerned about timings. Alan
  6. Alanjw

    Timing adjustment

    Tricky is not the word I used! Just found an app for the phone - Clock Tuner, looks blooming useful. Just laid it with the mic end on the watch case so it can pick up the ticks. Telling me it's running at 19807 Beats Per Hour, don't know what it's supposed to be but at least it can show how far it's been wound up or down! Alan
  7. I have a question regarding adjustment of mechanical watch timing. I purchased a new Vostok Amphibia which upon receipt would gain approx 20 second's a day. I have been trying to regulate this to give better timekeeping. A first attempt saw this go to losing 30 seconds a day, I have improved it over the last couple of goes but the adjustment requires such little movement that it can quite easily go from +30 to -30 with the smallest of movements! I am also aware that the movement probably requires a period for running in. Is there a secret to moving the adjuster? Alan
  8. Alanjw

    Breitling help

    Might be worth putting on a lightbox in an attempt to read what is below? UV light? Alan
  9. There great! I must admit to wearing my first Vostok purchase quite a bit, I think they are a good looking rugged timepiece! Alan
  10. Alanjw

    My Repaired Bulova

    A fully justified 'thankyou' to Simon for persisting with my Bulova. Parts for this it seems are pretty non existent and an incorrect part delivery was followed by a complete movement being purchased from the States which was cannibalised for its seconds pinion shaft (mine was broke) The final result is one fully functional watch which is working a treat! Nice to have the beast working again - thanks. Alan
  11. Alanjw

    New Amphibia

    Picked this up from the Post Office this morning, loved all the Russian info on the packet! Fancied a no date version, quite pleased with it, chose a different bracelet to the 'default' version and must say it seems very acceptable. Happy with my new purchase, feels very 'solid' but it would be better if the bezel only rotated in one direction! Alan
  12. Alanjw

    1970 Bulova

    I bought this watch in Jersey (Channel Islands) back in 1970 it served me well for a while then, and I can't remember how, the secondhand broke off the top of its pinion! Stayed tucked away for many years until I decided to get it repaired, enter Simon! Simon was to service the movement and obtain a replacement seconds pinion, except that it would seem to be unobtainable. A second-hand, but sound movement was found and purchased from the States to provide the unobtainable part. Movement serviced and fitted with the required part, my watch is now up and running. Many thanks to Simon for persevering with this one, I realise it wasn't the most straightforward of jobs! Photo of the beast. Alan
  13. Alanjw

    Timex Expedition

    That's a benefit of getting old - I can only hear it when right to my ears! Alan
  14. Alanjw

    Timex Expedition

    Thanks for your approval! Guy in the shop was saying that Timex are now making movements in Scotland, which is nice to think the UK can compete with China. Alan
  15. Alanjw

    Timex Expedition

    I'm in Jersey (Channel Islands) at the mo and St Helier seems awash with watch shops, it's great. All makes £10 - £10,000! Anyway I have fancied for a while a Timex Expedition, found an outlet with a nice selection and came out with this. Really enjoying it, excellent Indigo backlight and luminous hands, and as a bonus the second hand 'ticks' on its indexes nicely! Alan