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  1. I’m not sure how they got it so wrong, where did they get the idea that this is what the people wanted. I’m sure it will sell, maybe Stevie wonder will take one, but it won’t sell like more bb58 variants or a sub reissue would have. Who knows maybe they want to build the suspense and mistique for another year, or maybe they are mad.
  2. I’m getting tempted myself. What’s the bracelet quality like?
  3. I owned the reduced however I sold it as It was a bit small for me. Today I tried on the sapphire sandwich in Glasgow and loved it, it’s the one for me. Can see why it’s not for everyone though, different strokes and all that.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys @Stuart2103 if you see that promo code again be sure to give me a shout!
  5. Hi guys and gals and after your advice and opinion. im settled on my Tudor gmt, I love it and it’s staying, however my Christopher ward gmt and my Seiko alpinist are probably for the chop sometime this year as I want a speedy sapphire sandwich. However my question to you is should I get one of the Farer quartz chronographs in the meantime or keep saving for speedy? I’ve been after something “grab and go” and want a bit of a strap monster so I can ease the load on the Tudor. They look good quality but are a touch pricey in my opinion and I would keep it after I got the speedy however I’m not sure if I’m just swaying to good advertising and Instagram shots. Thoughts? I’ve attached pictures (not my own)
  6. Good morning, sipping coffee, looking at watches. It’s the simple things.
  7. Sat on the Paris metro. Have a good day all.
  8. I’d echo what @Bonzodog and @craig12 have said. Money is no guarantee of having a class collection. For me collecting is buying what you like and going out there and make memories with it. Take my Tudor gmt it’s not the most expensive watch nor the cheapest but for me it’s bang on, I’ve been lucky enough to take it too three different countries so it’s fast becoming a companion, not an investment.
  9. Morning folks, off on a trip today. Have a grand day all
  10. Rolex datejust (fluted, white dial) Omega speedmaster sapphire sandwich Tudor Pepsi GMT If it was today, that’s what I’d be picking
  11. Morning gang, some great watches on show today. Have a great day all.
  12. For me it tends to work, I only have the 3 watches so I tend to have to chop something in to get something new, only so much money I’m prepared to spend
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