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  1. Thegooddetective


    Wooo it’s friday! Oh wait, 3 more nightshifts. On a side note, I can’t get enough of this watch, enjoy your Friday gang!
  2. Thegooddetective

    WRUW - 16/01/19 (humpday)

    Wish I was out walking, sadly it’s off to work today. Have a good one folks.
  3. Thegooddetective

    Monday 14-01-2019

    Watch, jumper, coffee, I’m a man of simple taste. Wishing you a grand Monday folks.
  4. Thegooddetective

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    Well you can colour me jealous that right there, looks the business.
  5. Thegooddetective

    WRUW - Saturday 12/01/19

    New arrival for me today, just an old swatch
  6. Thegooddetective

    Thursday 10.01.19

    Love this, very much wondering if I should have got this instead of my c65 vintage gmt.
  7. Thegooddetective

    Tic-Toc Tuesday ~ 8 January.

    Still loving this piece, enjoy your day folks.
  8. Thegooddetective

    Monday Watch Parade ~ 07 January.

    well the festive season is well and truly over so it’s back to the gym.
  9. On the other side of the coin I often see things in person that I dislike online only to find they look great in person. shane you didn’t like the watch @MrF-UK82 I’d go for the refund, or maybe even try another model? Anyway thanks for sharing.
  10. Thegooddetective

    Sunday Juniors ~ Post 1990 ~ 06 January.

    Popped a new battery in the old sekonda, my first ever watch. have a great Sunday folks!
  11. Thegooddetective

    TGI Friday Watch ~ 4th January.

    Being dragged through the January sales today, have a good Friday gang!
  12. Thegooddetective

    2019 want list

    Think an omega seamaster is next on my list, but that’s a way off.
  13. Thegooddetective

    Happy new Year

    Happy new year everyone. Looking forward to spending another expensive year together, maybe this will be the year we are cured from this watch sickness... but I doubt it.
  14. Thegooddetective

    Dan Henry 1968

    That’s a cool piece, different, but very groovy
  15. Thegooddetective

    Last Watch of the year ~ Monday 31st December.

    Morning chaps and lady chaps, still honeymooning. Have a good New Year’s Eve!