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  1. Hussle

    Help me decide!

    Hhhhhmmmm well now I've looked at the grey properly I'm not sure. The blue dial/blue bezel seems to gel better to me than the grey dial but the grey looks good on the bracelet. I'll worry about it in 4 years when I have to choose or go for the Ball Magneto S then I don't have that problem.
  2. Hussle

    Help me decide!

    Blue! It has to be blue, no question the answer is blue, I'm saying blue.
  3. Hussle

    Help me decide!

    If I was choosing it would be the new Omega, I've looked at them a lot over the last month and although I could buy one today, it's a little out of my comfort zone for a watch. Maybe I'll consider it for a 50th birthday present in 4 years. I really don't like Breitling watches but the Superocean Heritage II is actually quite nice, I would still choose the Omega or even the Ball Magneto S with it's extremely cool case back.
  4. Hussle

    Mechanicals on a budget.

    I have 2 microbrand watches with the NH35/NH35A movement, one with the STP 1-11, an NH38, an ETA 2824-2 and an ETA 2824-2 (regulated in-house to COSC chronometer standards). I would say they all perform well and are just about as accurate as each other, I've never done any tests to confirm this but there is no obvious difference and if there is 30 seconds here and there who cares, there are bigger problems to have. I usually wear the same watch for a week or more at a time and I've only ever noticed a slight gain in any of them, it was always a gain though, I don't have any that run slow. The winding is also pretty similar, none of them have particularly noisy rotors, the NH35A is incredibly smooth to wind so much so I can't feel it or hear it wind but it does. The 2824-2's are also very smooth and quiet, STP 1-11 is a little more noisy but again it's not an issue and only a minor 1st world problem.
  5. I'm in love with the Ocean 2 Premium White, don't know why but I have been drawn to it for a long long time. I've had 3 microbrands incoming over the last few months otherwise I think i would have already bought it by now. It's probably my next watch.
  6. Hussle

    What's the average age of TWF members

    Oh I see what you did there, very good!
  7. Hussle

    What's the average age of TWF members

    I'm 45, 46 in 2 months and I only have another 23 years left to work!
  8. £24.24 tax etc for me so it makes it a £100 watch, I was expecting that though.
  9. Watchshop has the Muhle but not on bracelet (£1224 with the 15% discount code), I wish I hadn't looked now though as I've seen a few I really like too.
  10. Hussle


    I've had 2 very nice watch rolls with two different watch brands in the last few weeks, one leather which is gorgeous but I'll never use it. I've had stickers, look books, dog tags and sew on patches from Gruppo Gamma.
  11. Hussle

    The Camel Trophy Adventure Watches

    I still have mine from my 21st birthday, purchased in Feb 1994, sadly it no longer runs and the strap disintegrated many years ago but I still have the box and paperwork. I tried a new battery but nothing.
  12. Hussle

    Culling a collection

    There are a few watch sales groups on Facebook, usually they're connected to the main group, which you join and then join the sales group. Watcha and Watcha buy/sell group is one I'm in and also Microbrand watches and it's offshoot Microbrand watch sales.
  13. Got mine too. I don't have any memory left in my phone so no pics at the moment. It's a nice watch for the money, the strap could be a little thicker for me but other than that it's all good and it's ridiculously light! The watch roll is a nice touch, not sure I'll ever use it but I suppose the watch wasn't in a traditional watch box so this is the alternative. Enjoy!
  14. Hussle

    Thursdays treasures.

    Got mine too! A little smaller than I'm used to but it should be ok, i'll get used to it and so light I can't feel it on. The free 4 watch canvas watch roll was a nice touch and the stickers etc.
  15. Hussle

    "Boys Toys"

    Very nice, looks good unlike the chap who came in last week. His Dr had been treating him for B12 deficiency for 3 months, he started to lose his sight so he came to us. 15 mins later and we were sending him straight to hospital, the pictures showed abnormalities, he was kept in and operated on for a brain tumor 3 days later, fortunately it appears to have gone well. It was a bad week that week, we sent 2 others to hospital as emergencies for other things. It's amazing the detail we can get with these fundus cameras and the conditions it can detect, life saving/sight saving in some circumstances, the newer OCT's are another level though.