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  1. I got the blue version of this last month. Eco-drive and tough looking at 43mm with really comfortable rubber strap. The coloured part of the case is a tough polycarbonate type material, a bit like a g-shock. Less than $200, Citizen Watch AW1150-07A
  2. I have this, beautiful watch. If you want to get away from divers try EC Andersson Calypso, Hamtun Nanok or the Zelos Skyraider (manual wind).
  3. Gruppo Gamma Vanguard on the right. I have 4 other micros just not got pictures yet!
  4. I'm a big fan of microbrands and have 6 different brands. They make up most of my collection. There is no official definition of what is a microbrand and everyone has their own interpretation when it comes to it, here are a few criteria that a brand usually has to meet: 1) They have a small number of full-time employees or just the owner, who runs everything. 2) Most of the production is outsourced. 3) The movements used are not produced in-house. 4) Sales are done primarily online with very limited or no brick and mortar presence. 5) Only a relatively small number are produced of each model. I have had good and bad experiences, the quality is usually higher at the price point than mass produced and you get more for your money for example a better movement and you're not as likely to see someone else wearing one. I have a few limited editions, one is limited to 50 and the other at 100 worldwide, only 6 came to the UK so it feels a little more exclusive. The owner usually has a Facebook presence so can be contacted directly, but is sometimes slow to respond being the only person in the 'company'. The movements are usually Seiko, ETA, ST-P, Sellita or Miyota so I don't imagine they are hard to fix/replace if anything goes wrong and the company does not exist anymore. It's usually the customer service/communication that lets some down. For example Crepas/Almirante took weeks to answer my emails about an issue with a screw bar, the watch was eventually collected by them (at their expense) after further weeks of waiting for replies and replaced. E.C Andersson (supposedly higher end) were horrendous at replying, stating they had been busy! It was agreed the watch would be returned, at my expense and it was left at the sorting office in Sweden for over 10 days by them. Still no replies to messages even when sent to their members only priority email. Sometimes the wait for a new model can be long one. There are exceptional brands though, Gruppo Gamma are amazing, Zelos, H20, Hamtun, Boldr from my experience and I've heard of others that are just as good. It's worth joining the Microbrand Watches Facebook page for info, posts from the owners, great pics, offers and sales. So it's a yay from me, I think everyone should give them a serious look at and it's also helping a self employed person or independent company instead of a massive all swallowing giant corporation.
  5. I'm at 15 watches now, which is far more than I thought I would have, more than half are microbrands. I think I could reduce the collection easily to 2 watches. Out of those 15 I have 1 I haven't worn in the year I've had it, I've been offered quite a lot more than I paid for it, several times (it was a limited 50 piece that's no longer available) but I'm keeping it for now. I have 1 I've recently bought but not worn yet, 1 I recently got for a steal which is worn occasionally and I have 1 I wear almost all the time. Most of the others don't get a look in. There are a few watches that I would like to see/handle in the next year, the new Omega Seamaster, the Ball Magneto S and the H2O Navale, then I will decide what to keep and what to sell/give away. I reckon I could live with just 1 or 2 happily, I still like to look and drool though.
  6. Hhhhhmmmm well now I've looked at the grey properly I'm not sure. The blue dial/blue bezel seems to gel better to me than the grey dial but the grey looks good on the bracelet. I'll worry about it in 4 years when I have to choose or go for the Ball Magneto S then I don't have that problem.
  7. Blue! It has to be blue, no question the answer is blue, I'm saying blue.
  8. If I was choosing it would be the new Omega, I've looked at them a lot over the last month and although I could buy one today, it's a little out of my comfort zone for a watch. Maybe I'll consider it for a 50th birthday present in 4 years. I really don't like Breitling watches but the Superocean Heritage II is actually quite nice, I would still choose the Omega or even the Ball Magneto S with it's extremely cool case back.
  9. I have 2 microbrand watches with the NH35/NH35A movement, one with the STP 1-11, an NH38, an ETA 2824-2 and an ETA 2824-2 (regulated in-house to COSC chronometer standards). I would say they all perform well and are just about as accurate as each other, I've never done any tests to confirm this but there is no obvious difference and if there is 30 seconds here and there who cares, there are bigger problems to have. I usually wear the same watch for a week or more at a time and I've only ever noticed a slight gain in any of them, it was always a gain though, I don't have any that run slow. The winding is also pretty similar, none of them have particularly noisy rotors, the NH35A is incredibly smooth to wind so much so I can't feel it or hear it wind but it does. The 2824-2's are also very smooth and quiet, STP 1-11 is a little more noisy but again it's not an issue and only a minor 1st world problem.
  10. I'm in love with the Ocean 2 Premium White, don't know why but I have been drawn to it for a long long time. I've had 3 microbrands incoming over the last few months otherwise I think i would have already bought it by now. It's probably my next watch.
  11. I'm 45, 46 in 2 months and I only have another 23 years left to work!
  12. £24.24 tax etc for me so it makes it a £100 watch, I was expecting that though.
  13. Watchshop has the Muhle but not on bracelet (£1224 with the 15% discount code), I wish I hadn't looked now though as I've seen a few I really like too.
  14. I've had 2 very nice watch rolls with two different watch brands in the last few weeks, one leather which is gorgeous but I'll never use it. I've had stickers, look books, dog tags and sew on patches from Gruppo Gamma.
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