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    Wish I was in Nelson Mandela House but really North of the Border
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    Watches, music, current affairs, technology and gadgets.  No ordinary female not into handbags or shoes, it's watches!

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  1. themysterybidder


    Seiko and the Jolly Boys' Coach. Have a great weekend TWF!
  2. themysterybidder

    What Are You Looking At?

  3. themysterybidder

    WRUW - Thursday 17/1/19

    Casio to start with.
  4. themysterybidder

    WRUW - 16/01/19 (humpday)

    Kevin modelling today's watch.
  5. themysterybidder

    What Are You Looking At?

  6. themysterybidder

    What Are You Looking At?

    Nothing happening at Edinburgh Zoo with Tian Tian at present: https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/panda-cam/, so I'm watching pandas in China. http://en.ipanda.com/live/chengdu/
  7. themysterybidder

    Monday 14-01-2019

    Accurist Grand Complication watch today.
  8. themysterybidder

    Strangest watches...

    Strangest watch in my collection is this one. The flowers move every second instead of a second hand.
  9. themysterybidder

    Ah, well...

    Are you feeling the cold yet?
  10. themysterybidder

    What Are You Looking At?

    Don't watch if you're easily offended. Old Man Like Ron is hilarious! Cathy is my favourite character. @Roger the Dodger Great idea for a topic!
  11. themysterybidder

    What Are You Looking At?

    I love this programme, (probably one of my all time favourites) severely underrated in my opinion. I've no idea how many times I've watched on DVD.
  12. themysterybidder

    What Are You Listening To

  13. themysterybidder

    The OCD thread

    I'm like that but it's with ticking watches or clocks. I cannot stand it. If there is a ticking clock in a room, I will focus on that, no matter how hard I try to avoid hearing it. I must have all bank notes in the correct domination and also facing the same way. It drives people mad when I decide I'll change them all to facing the correct way! When I'm folding several things, they must have the open edge at the same side. Ice cube trays, I hate them being half full/empty, so I will make some more so it's full. When you see someone at home and they go out the room and leave the lights, every time! If they switch it on, they can surely switch it off! I'm sure there are more which I will add as I think of them. Should I add Sir David Jason, or are we all aware of my obsession?