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  1. The Breitling hands down on that shortlist... You can shop around and get one for 20% off and at the discount price its bang on the money. Style, comfort, luxury , and at a price that settles the stomach better. The moon watch is nice , but the current prices are ridiculous imo, its way too pricey and discounts are hard to come by for those unless you go grey. Have you looked at NOS or pre-owned Speedmaster Dates !? For around £2k you can get a mint ( or almost ) Speedmaster Date only a few years old. I would consider that option too...
  2. If its screws then you need watch makers micro screwdriver(s) and a holding tool. If its pins then the holding tool and just a burgeon double ended tool ( the one with spring-pin tool one end and the push pin tool the other end )... or , take it to an independent jeweller that does servicing and they will charge you a tenner ...
  3. Das is ein splendid collection my old bean ... Bravo Sir !! :-)
  4. Its why Bond changed to Omega..... Bond now always Bonds with Bond's watches.....
  5. Omega are a modern day success story for sure and as you rightly point out , their over all strategy drives their direction and success, not a one-off trade show hosted in the middle of nowhere.. It's different for brands that consider themselves a notch higher though and Rolex clearly use Basel to butter up their Asian dealerships with promises of Jewels, Frankincense and Myrrh encrusted delights etc etc. Also Swatch notice that the high profile of Basel was starting to work against them , esp with the popularity of Longines, Blancpain and Omega and I read that they were not happy with their own inability to provide watches once demand after Basel materialised. The Longines VHP being one perfect example. So Swatch now say that they are in a firm position to fulfil demand from ADs following any given watch(s) release , and no more 12 months + etc etc ( or in the case of Rolex , never+ LOL ). As for some posters wishing serious watch companies with over 100 years of innovation and heritage to go bust , well I thought this was a forum for watch enthusiasts. But I guess no one is checking ID at the door...
  6. Some of the G-Shock steel analogue versions are very poor in my opinion. £300-ish for something that lacks sophistication and readability ... then you try on another and its perfect. I would say always try these on before buying as some wear way bigger than they look. I have the same watch as @Dan86 and paid about £80 for it and its a very very nice watch for that money. But tread with care through the G-Shock range is my advice..
  7. Do modified Seiko Watches feel pain ? I hope not.
  8. Said the Nun to the Bishop .....
  9. Yes but to be fair his does get used .... I mean a watch used often to fend off aggressive old ladies at his local Bingo Hall would bound to need thorough attention at some point....
  10. I seem to remember a few years back , one of their Diver models which was exceptionally fine , was replaced in the line up by one that was not and clearly made "somewhere out East" on the cheap .. a truly dreadful watch. The a couple of years later, said disaster watch was replaced with an exceptionally good one. I only know one person in the real world who owns one and he has had his for 15 years and its still looking tip top. Regards the "Fashion Watch" label , not so sure it really matters in this case because Gucci are a brand recognised generally for pricey but decent quality "designer" stuff. Also Gucci is hugely collectable amongst the chattering classes. It's easy to see why their stuff attracts decent secondary market pricing....
  11. Thats exactly what they are doing I think... there are plans afoot to have a rotating "road-show" 3 or 4 times yearly. Last I heard it was Swatch organised but others were interested in joining in... should hear something soon I guess if Breitling have ditched Basel..... Basel is a trade show , whereas I think the newer "roadshows" will include opportunities for the public also..
  12. This is spot on. They are exceptionally good £300 watches...
  13. The seiko is beautiful , but its a very flipped watch type ... perhaps people tire of its beauty !? .... tricky-dickie choice though , all nice....
  14. Yep , I managed a footy team for a decade until a couple of years back... that's why my Avenger Skyland was my daily wearer... I used the chrono functions a lot... Now I don't , butI still keep that watch because its awesome ..... My daily now is a 300M with no functions other than the date and time...
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