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  1. Ging

    Cheapo Bracelet.

    It looked gold on my pad I'll have a look at them thanks
  2. Ging

    Cheapo Bracelet.

    Not a fan of gold but I like the style do you know if the do them in stainless
  3. It's in my local paper the guy and his mate went to the auction dressed as Batman and robin https://www.expressandstar.com/entertainment/2018/09/22/watch-why-only-fools-superfan-splashed-out-28000-for-del-boys-pocket-watch/
  4. Ging

    Sartorial Elegance

    Well spotted lol but I reckon I'll get away with a tie as my beard is at about 14" at the moment and I'll probably add another two buy next August
  5. Ging

    Sartorial Elegance

    I'm a t-shirt and camo trouser guy but I do buy decent camo trousers i get about 8 years out of them which I think good value for £ 60 . As you can guess I'm not in to cloths they just don't do it for me but I have friends who get great pleasure from dressing smart so each to their own .the one thing I won't do though is look up or down to any one because of the way they look . I've got to buy a suite next year for my son's wedding it's going to grieve me buying it as it will never be worn again I won't even to get buried in it
  6. Ging

    Sartorial Elegance

    I wear a diver because I'm half soaked most of the time lol .
  7. Ging

    Seiko SKX007 Mod Project Part 1

    I'm looking forward to this too i like this sort of thing
  8. Ging

    Incoming delivery - Seiko impulse buy

    Only three hours to go
  9. Ging

    A Slight Makeover

    That's come out really nice i like the color it goes nice with the strap well done
  10. Ging

    Tag formula one - thoughts of the forum

    If it's going for a good price buy it and see how you get on if you don't like it move it on you will have no problem getting your money back
  11. Ging

    Seiko suggestions

    I would go for the sum o to it you can find one at that price city wide ( i think that's what they are called ) on eBay do them for £360 I've had two off them 5 working days to you door lovely watch
  12. Ging

    Heads Up!

    Very nice I'm starting to like these g shocks the more I look at them
  13. Ging

    Just arrived

    I like it too nice watch
  14. Ging

    A new Seiko incoming

    I would love one of those nice watch mate
  15. Ging

    Bund from Ukraine

    That's nice they go together very well I'll have to have a look at them