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  1. I'm actually thinking, at this point, that I might just do a completely different bezel, to really make it unique. Maybe a stealth black bezel with the Yobokies light blue Soxa dial. Anyway, I'll give it a go eventually. Still trying to figure out how to attack it.
  2. I really want to do a Soxa at some point. I've read that the Soxa bezels out there are real junk though. Where's you get your Soxa mod parts?
  3. Not bad advice. And an easy thing to spot quickly. I will do just that.
  4. So I'm at the stage where I really want to start getting into modding watches and creating really unique and personal stuff. I've yet to try anything, however have ordered a cheap Russian piece and am planning a bezel swap to start with. I've also just ordered a modded watch from a guy in the US who's got a cool business model that I really liked. He does some modding and offers parts just like many others, but unlike the rest, he does it with refurbished timepieces, which keeps costs down. He offers new parts should you wish, and you can create your own unique watch with a couple of offerings he has on his site, Mad Mod World. I'm guessing, him being in the US, none of you have tried him. Here's a peak at what I ordered, except I opted for snowflake hands and GMT bezel. It's basically a Batman homage, but since I loathe Mercedes hands I asked him to swap it with snowflake for me, which he was glad to do. Has new double domed Sapphire, new NH35 movement, coming in refurbished case and oyster bracelet for $329.
  5. Not actually the 22nd for me yet, but assuredly I'll be wearing my newest watch tomorrow...
  6. Well, I decided, after much thought, that I would cancel my pre-order of that odd dial watch I mentioned earlier. I loved the blue, but after looking more at them I realized that it is difficult to read and that's counterintuitive for a watch. One out! So, every year my company earns an award for being top dog. Accompanying this award for the company is a prize for each individual. Every year, one of the prize options is a Tourneau watch. The last 3 years I've given my optional prize to my girlfriend, but this year I took it for myself and selected the watch. So can't wait to see what it's like. But I haven't told the girlfriend yet that I took it for myself. Eek!!! One in! And just in today is the Certina DS Action Chronograph Precidrive. I'm loving the blue of this dial. I've wanted a Certina for a long time now, almost ordered the automatic version of this a while back, glad I waited for the quartz! Anyway, I'll get better shots of it later, just got it tonight and sized the bracelet! Two in!
  7. I've recently come to terms with this very unfortunate side effect of opening automatic watches. There are two different schools of thought here. Either your a preventative type, or a fix it when it breaks type. Many an automatic have give more than a decade without servicing, before crapping the bed. Should you wait until something breaks? I don't know, each case is different. I mean, when it breaks it costs you more, however being preventive almost always means you're spending money on an expensive service more frequently. Frankly, I think it's better to wear it till stops working. Then you can decide if it's worth the money to fix. For the watches your talking about, I'd not spend money on services. To replace the movements is super reasonable. My only advice is to stay away from automatic chronographs... They cost an arm and a leg and your first born to work on. Lol Lower Jewel count is cheaper. Lesser complications are cheaper also. If you stick to simple and reasonably priced watches, then I say don't waste your time or money on servicing.
  8. Yours was in the mail at the same time, so it should be arriving soon I would think. Glad you like it @Davey P, I know clean and simple dials are your thing, but I remembered you getting rid of yours and remembered thinking, "he's going to regret that". Then I recall you saying you regretted it a bit and I thought, "hey, why not, it's close enough in look, maybe a little piece of nostalgia for him." So I decided to do it. Sorry it's over a year later than when I promised it. Eek! Lol Hope you enjoy it man.
  9. Sorry I should've been cleared, it is a vessel designed to got the Amphibia 110 model I ordered, but is there size of an SKX Seiko so will take any SKX insert.
  10. I've recently come to find that a lot of guys with cheap digital watches are removing the back and movements, then filling the cases with mineral oil and replacing the movement and back. Why? I've been told it adds legibility at angles, which admittedly is a problem with some digitals. But isn't adding liquid to a watch just pure craziness? What about mineral oil makes it safe? How does it affect battery life?
  11. From eBay. Will take over a month to arrive, which is crazy, but I plan on modding a little with an SKX divers bezel and Pepsi insert. Can't wait to give modding a try with a dip of the toe.
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