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  1. This is a cracking looking piece, congratulations.
  2. Very nice, and even my poor eyesight is able to tell the time.
  3. Tidy the garden morning for me, so this to start, (old pic)
  4. Dam Square last week, iPhone 8+
  5. I feel your pain! I once bought a boat whilst drunk!! Mrs T was not impressed is an understatement!
  6. Another plus vote for the strap, good choice Jay.
  7. Congratulations matey, looks like you had a fantastic day for it. All the best to you and your new wife. I hope you have many many years of happiness. I do worry a bit, will Ruthie still remember she is married after the Rohypnol wears off! Please God don’t let the Rohypnol wear off till after the ceremony!
  8. Well as I get older and my eyesight gets worse! I have found it increasingly more difficult to tell the time on certain watches. So, I decided that it was time to move some on, and I have started with this: I did look at eBay and Catawiki etc. But as I was browsing on watchfinder I decided to give them a call to see what they would offer. After a bit of bartering back and forth with two great gentlemen (Richard & Simon) we came to an arrangement both parties were happy with. So the F1 got boxed up and sent to Watchfinder. and on my return from Amsterdam there was a parcel waiting at the post office, unfortunately due to the Easter holiday I couldn’t pick it up until today. And it is another Tag, but this time an Aquracer with box and papers and watchfinders 12month warranty. All in all I’m very pleased with it, I can tell the time at a glance, which is what I was after and the watch has just been fully serviced and polished prior to sending out to me. It will be my daily wear when I’m office bound with my trusty pro master for the tougher days. Very happy with it and it was a pleasure doing business with the guys at watchfinder, they honestly went out their way to make things as easy and as hassle free as possible. I realise Tag get a lot of stick on here, but as a daily grab and go anywhere watch it does the job!
  9. This mornings job already done! Now for some tea and toast with jam of course, none of this foreign marmite nonsense!
  10. This to start but bbq later so will be all change then.
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