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  1. There have been a few incommings and outgoings since my last Sotc, so I thought I'd share again. Top left to right. Hamilton Khaki King, Mondaine Big Evo Auto, Phoibos Wavemaster, Ingersoll Bateman Auto and a La Rochelle manual wind Chronograph. Bottom left to right. CW C65 Vintage, Seiko snzh55 FFF mod, Rotary GT Monza Auto and two Swatch Auto Chronographs. As you can see I have two too many. I think the Ingersoll and the white Swatch will go soon. I am on the lookout for another automatic Chronograph though. Sorry for the double post. Not sure what happened
  2. Migzy

    Seiko mods

    Love this. Where did you get the crystal from?
  3. Migzy

    Seiko mods

    Go for it Jaydeep. I love my modded Seiko. It makes the watch way more peraonal. Great fun to do as well. I bought a very cheap Seiko to practice on first and then had a go at the FFF mod.
  4. I think it's very hit and miss. It can give us something different. Some really great innovative designers that think outside the box. Some even go on to establish themselves as full on microbrands. Straton, Autodromo and Phoibos come to mind. Some already established brands just flood the market with the same old designs and loose homages.
  5. Wowzers @Davey P that is a monster! Nice one @JayDeep very generous
  6. Good choice! I have one too. Although I didn't like the rubber strap so put it on a black rally strap with blue stitching. And the 12 o'clock lumed pip fell off lol. Love the watch though.
  7. Love this. I was looking to buy one of these. Is that the black or the blue? Can I see the back please? The swatch auto today.
  8. Love this. I was looking to buy one of these. Is that the black or the blue? Can I see the back please?
  9. Absolutely love my Khaki King. This is the Hamilton I lust after.
  10. Hi All, My Mondaine Evo Big has a couple of scratches on the crystal and I'd like to replace it. Any ideas which crystal I would need? Id like it to be sapphire if possible. Thanks
  11. Well with the 100SPRING19 code, you get 100 off if you spend over 500. So you have 600 to spend .
  12. I've been thinking about this all weekend. If it was me it would have to be this. Love the vintage styling.
  13. I completely agree. You have three great watches that are very different to each other that cover pretty much every base there. Great start to your collection.
  14. Great choice of watch You will love it. I agree with Bonzodog, watchgecko do really great straps and bracelets.
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