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  1. You really meant to say “Cheap” It certainly is, since setting mine last Saturday it has lost a few seconds during the day & gained a few during the night. Currently +7 seconds, which is impressive for a measly priced auto ‘mechanical’ timepiece !!
  2. You will be hard pressed to find a better value timepiece (IMHO), fit, finish & customer service is excellent ! Like @futuristfan previous logo would be my preferred choice. My C60 TRIDENT Pro 600 GMT variant... Would recommend purchasing one on a bracelet as it works out cheaper to add a leather band later, rather than the other way round... They are releasing a new C60 Trident some time this year (?) so the older stocks may (?) be offered at even more attractive prices. Their 60/60 guarantee makes purchasing, again IMHO, a safe buying experience!
  3. Morning all 1961 9k JB DeVille. Cal: R540, 17 jewel, 3 adj.
  4. Also share this view. Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 18k rose gold (bezel) can be had within budget ?
  5. Work ? Now go wash your mouth out! Due to hazardous working environments the wearing of a wristwatch was mainly ruled out, this was my preferred timepiece for over 25 years... This too has now been retired (working), accompanied by a NOS variant purchased 2 years ago...
  6. Morning all MARC & SONS MARINE. Cal: Miyota 9015, 24 jewel.
  7. No! Just carry on feeding the affliction/hobby.
  8. Thanks! The hands are not enamelled, heat blued ?, I’m unsure TBH. Certainly doesn't have the flat consistent hue that chemical/galvanic treatments leave. Traditional (flame) bluing of hands alone would cost (today) about as much as this timepiece cost. Whichever process was adopted, again IMO, has been well executed in this example!
  9. @Laughing gravy As Jon indicated...
  10. Morning all C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03 (modified eta 2836-2).
  11. Thank you for another interesting pocket history, Honour. If i may add an 1980's 'Copernic' to this topic...
  12. 1960's VENUS. Cal: eta 2452-2, 25 jewel. That's better...
  13. https://www.seikowatches.com/global-en/products/presage/special/aprilfools/2019/
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