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    getting old

    Watch it. Just in case you are expected to do 5 days work for the price of 2.
  2. Everyone to the own on this. I sold a "valuable" one a few years ago. If the prices quoted today are anything to go by, if I'd hung on to it, it would now be worth three times what I got. No point in crying over spilled milk. I'm still alive and kicking, which is more important. Outside of "WIS" circles, there are those who don't know/ care. A friend of mine got a GMT master 1675 for his 21st, and was totally oblivious to its current value, until I told him. Now he's frightened to wear it. Which is a shame.
  3. @Teg62xand wait 'till you get "platinum" membership.
  4. Going to get rolling with this, once I get the date set.
  5. Ah, I see, I've obtained the floor plan. You'll be filling every level then ?
  6. That would be one I would definitely try on before buying, for the above reason. Regarding the power reserve, it wouldn't sway me either way regarding a watch purchase. Others will dissagree, but to me it's another marketing gimmick designed to make you think you need it.
  7. Personally, I would try a dark brown alligator or croc type strap. Changing straps regularly is a good way of avoiding endless watch purchases, works for me anyway.
  8. If it's used, make sure everything works as it should. The solar cell also has a finite life (apparently 10 years). Personally, when you can buy new from Argos/Amazon, a new G Shock sub £100, that will do all you need and more, I wouldn't bother with "unknowns" off ebay.
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