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  1. Stunning watch Jay nice clear face and just enough twiddly bits!
  2. Very generous of Jay, hang on to it this time Davey....but if you choose not to, I think you looked spiffing in the pigtails and I don't have one of those.
  3. Surprisingly accurate, it showed full moon yesterday and I looked and thought no its not a full moon tonight...it was I was wrong the watch was right. The watch itself is very accurate as far as my standards go and is interesting enough with the dual date and wiggly date hand, I really like it.
  4. I think it looks interesting and reasonably well put together and its different which is something I personally like.
  5. Out in the garden again this morning so this beater
  6. niveketak


    Blimey Jesus and Lord, think I will stick to Chris, Kevin
  7. I'm with Teg62x on this one, a little too fussy even for me, but thats just MHO, no idea about the lume quality, I can't remember having to use it to be honest on anything I have.
  8. Lovely watch not too much on the dial, I like the contrast blue on white, I have a lesser watch with blue on white which I like.
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