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  1. This today, quite apt as I've just this second ordered another ventus watch; impressive things and the horween leather strap is sublime!
  2. Same as yesterday but I REALLY like this watch...
  3. I tried to post a link to the full Kickstarter page that has quite a bit of detailed information... But for some reason it just links to the vid only?
  4. Best part of four hundred quid now but a bloody good looking thing and decent specs....
  5. Evening attire... From this today....
  6. A used one of these would tick a lot of boxes.... https://www.thbaker.co.uk/rado-hyperchrome-limited-edition-captain-cook-watch-r32500305?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaignid=1653844943&utm_campaign=&utm_term=&adid=318457286796&addisttype=gpla&matchtype=&gclid=CjwKCAjwkcblBRB_EiwAFmfyyyq5QmHDLMfxie4PRZlx6Lzrpm2l-qd7jsGp7ViiwbJxQrx3Slwf6xoCcScQAvD_BwE Or maybe a Sinn or Oris
  7. Used.... Or maybe get a new one of these https://www.certina.com/watch/ds-ph200m/C0364071605000
  8. 1 - BMW Z4M 2 - Sinn 104 or longines legend heritage diver or Rado Captain Cook or Oris Chromoris / 65 . Not exactly playing by the rules but hey ho!
  9. That is ghastly, crass... Money can get you an expensive watch but it doesn't buy class.
  10. I enquired on a discount on an s300 in an ad in Chester just before Christmas, no interest in moving what so ever!
  11. Similarly, I keep forgetting to screw it back down after setting... Could prove expensive if I don't raise my game!
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