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  1. Sticking with my latest incoming at the moment
  2. Hillman Avenger - the gearbox went then I tried testing it's integrity by running into the back of another car. The repair garage rang me to say that the front valance was mostly a flattened GTX can!! An Austin Montego was a close second.
  3. In my mostly diver collection, 20mm or 22 mm.
  4. Got one RLT - need more
  5. Just purchased this from the Sales section and very pleased with it - thanks @Diveaddiction. Been looking for one for some time, came on rubber but I quickly changed that to a nice bracelet. Only problem is that, due to a pending holiday, I was under instructions not to go spending money on watches I would have got away with it but was in the garden when the postman arrived.
  6. Just bought some polywatch as I have managed to scratch two crystals just lately. Thanks for the post as I now know what to try
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