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  1. I found this in an old book that belonged to my father. Anyone know what it is?
  2. It's been fun and I now know to boil my watches to keep them waterproof. Learn something every day here.
  3. I know I've seen that logo before, but I can't find it now. That's going to annoy me for hours. Edit .... or minutes Ah, bingo!! https://www.amazon.co.jp/stores/HYAKUICHI/HYAKUICHI/page/2A6C0F23-7484-4ABC-BEDD-6C15EEAA7C37
  4. Well, I have one Seiko 5, which I bought on Ebay in good condition, with the original bracelet. Cost me £21.
  5. B & Co Longines 13.34 in a 1925 Dennison case Berry & Son of West Hartlepool in 1878 silver case made by Edward Wilday of Coventry 1943 GSTP Elgin
  6. Corbyn Film and Music? And his completed listings are all used cars.
  7. Windows 10 is the work of the devil.
  8. Yes, that whole page seems to be gushing, like the author used to be an estate agent, or work in the advertising department of the Franklin Mint.
  9. Thanks, that explains the movement. I have another Dennison cased watch from the 1950s, so, yes, I had come across them before. Just found this on http://www.vintage-watches-collection.com/watch/longines/longines-silver-officers-with-hinged-lugs-and-benson-dial-1918/ Which seems a bit at odds with http://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/longines.php#longines1334
  10. I've posted before about my 1925 Sir John Bennett Ltd gold wristwatch. It had to have a new crown and stem, at which time the jeweller told me it was a Longines movement. Last night the crown came out, which may be a job for @simon2 (separate email), but it motivated me to open the back up and have a look. The movement is signed B & Co with "o" underlined and three stars. According to Mikrolisk that is "Baume & Merciers / Baume & Co. / Baume Freres". They list 3 registrations - Hatton Garden 1878, Les Bois, Genf, Schweiz 1880 and again 1901. Hard to tell from their drawings of the stamps which one it would be. So, is that not Longines after all? Anyone know what "13,34" refers to? And then the case, 9ct gold, Birmingham assay, made by Dennisons.
  11. I agree with you the highest bid will always win, no contest there. I still think there is a different psychology at work on Ebay that means I can win for less money with a snipe than if I bid the same amount earlier. I wouldn't be able to snipe at Christies, because the auction isn't limited by time, it ends when the auctioneer has got the highest price he can. So, certainly not rocket science, but not quite the same rules.
  12. I don't think that works, from quite long experience and with more than just watches. Unless you bid substantially more than the item is worth, someone else will just nudge their bids up till they overtake you. I don't mind losing a sniping contest, where it's all over in seconds, but not having my lead nibbled away until someone else wins it by 50p. I think what we're talking about here is auctions where there are no bids with a day or less to go. Usually on auctions where the starting price is relatively high.
  13. There's some interesting psychology going on here. I see auctions with a day or two to go and a high (but probably reasonable) start, and if no one has bid I tend to think there must be something wrong with it I haven't noticed. On the occasions where I've been drunk or otherwise incented to put a bid on, that opens the floodgates of other bidders, who were thinking the same thing.
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