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  1. Muddy D

    Watch Insurance - Advice needed

    I would actually go to an insurance broker who deals with high net worth individuals because they will have access to more suitable insurance products you can't get online and your sums insured will not be unusual for them to handle.
  2. I'm with JayDeep on this one, it looks great in black. It certainly appears classy and well designed, Citizen could learn a thing or two from KL about how to get multiple features in to a dial without making it too busy and fussy.
  3. Muddy D

    The attraction of Divers.

    Personally, and as someone who used to spend a bit of time diving, your typical divers watch never appealed to me aesthetically and I never wore them in the water. That all changed when I got my first diver! I love the rugged chunkyness and size of them.
  4. Muddy D

    Would you

    I take anything newish with a 50m wr rating swimming, never has a problem.
  5. Muddy D

    George Daniels

    Beautiful watch, incredible price to go with it. I'll admit it wasn't me, there wasn't enough colour on the dial...
  6. Muddy D

    Real or tribute?........

    I have a feeling not many people on here are regularly diving apart from @rafy1so the arguments about being a worker needing to use reliable tools don't stack up. If you want a Rolex you're paying for a mixture of a top end high quality bit of kit as well as a brand name and a load of advertising.
  7. Muddy D

    Another CW

    Great looking watch Rob, you're a man of great taste. I like those red hands....Seriously though, nice looking watch.
  8. Muddy D

    Why are Tissot so Faked

    I'm sure I heard they're faked so much because there is a massive market for faked Tissots in Asia and the Far East.
  9. Muddy D

    Just in from CW and a ?

    Rob, you won't be surprised that I love this watch. It would probably go well with a racing strap, sure it'll work on whatever you choose.
  10. Muddy D

    Red faced diver.

    For get everything you've seen so far. I would suggest having a look at Aragon Divemaster Evo. There standard price is 350 USD though they currently have them on sale for $130. After postage, any taxes and the conversion to sterling, it works out at about £130. They do a 45mm version, runs a Seiko movement and when I ordered mine it took about 4 days to get here. I got one with a black dial and my only regret was not getting the red dial too... https://www.aragonwatch.com/Aragon_Divemaster_NH35A_50mm_p/a264red.htm
  11. Muddy D

    Greetings from Romania

    I take it you "sometimes have difficult with the language" too! Well this an Internet forum with a wide variety of members from all over the place and don't worry about your English, we all have difficulties with it from time to time.
  12. Muddy D

    The Return of Vertex

    Good read as ever. It looks like a decent enough watch, though too pricey for what it is, and too exclusive. It's fine to make a luxury item exclusive, people already lust after unaffordable luxury watches though trying to break into the market this way is probably more of a hinderance than benefit.
  13. Muddy D

    The "What are you Really Wearing" thread

    I go to work in fairly traditional clothes, nice trousers and shirt and tie though I like to finish it off with a pair of Addidas trainers. Class.
  14. Muddy D

    Hi, From England(Bristol)

    Hello and welcome to the forum from another Bristolian I also meant to say I like your name, you don't live near Turbo Island by any chance!
  15. Muddy D

    new member saying hi + pic's!

    Welcome to the forum, really nice collection. Like the dial on your Seamaster.