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  1. Help required. I have just picked up a broken now running Kinetic watch, The watch is a Coutura 5M62-OANO. any one know where I can buy a gasket set for this watch. It requires a stem O/ring Pusher O/ring, and a rear cover seal. Thank you for reading.
  2. I bought a three part blacking kit of the net. That was four years ago I have done quite a few watch cases, some screws etc..and various parts.. Basically a caustic bath, then wash clean The blacking tank then wash clean, finally a dewatering oil which gives it the shine, then air dry. Temperatures need to be around 25C. I usually stand the tubs in hot water to do this.. The polishing of the bright steel is the hardest, if you don't do it properly yhe flaws will show in the end finish
  3. I won this on ebay in January, it was advertised as water damaged., dozens of folks bid on it, and in the end I ended up paying twice what I expected. I stripped it and managed to get rid of the rust, but there is still some residual staining of some parts.. The case I took back to bright steel, and then re-blacked it. The watch is now fully functional and looking good. I have no idea of the manufacturer.
  4. I have a very large collection of watches, This was just a missing maker. Like other collectors, a lot of my stuff will remain in the boxes, it saves dusting.. Watches take up little space unlike my diecast collection. Not often I buy one like the Jaguar, I, enjoy repairing them so many come to me broken. and at a discounted price.. I have a Raymond Weil watch that has had two new backs, the latest is now corroding due to the alloy it is made of with gold plating, Though it is now 25 years old, it has sentimental value as a gift from the late wife., so I may have it repaired.
  5. The brand has nothing to do with Jaguar cars it was set up in the 1930s by a private watch producer. then after his death bought up by the Festina group. The lady who sold it to me said it was bought in a spanish gift shop for around 450 euros. The green Dial for the most looks black and only shows emerald green in very bright light..
  6. Recent find on the Bay, A Jaguar Executive chrono J864. even with a 10x loupe I only found one tiny mark on it . Probably a little to blingy for me. It will spend its life in the presentation box. The price was irresistable, and the lady selling it answered all my questions.
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