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  1. Timez Own

    My dream watch just arrived

    White strap, white belt, white shoes, white socks, white shorts, white polo shirt, white sunglasses and a white hat. White car with no roof and white leather interior not forgetting white wall tyres. Ican't explain why but that is what that watch counjurs up in my mind, its just so damn clean!
  2. Timez Own

    Looking for a Hardlex fan.......

    Yup, I hate hardlex also!..........
  3. Timez Own

    Lusting again

    Another vote for the Sinn. It has the aesthetic edge in every area for me, from the dial to the bracelet.
  4. Timez Own

    Chopard content - dreaming again!

    If a choice has to be made from these I would have to go with the Pro One. The others are too colourful for my tastes.
  5. Timez Own

    My perfect watch

    Can't imagine being without this one @Roy. Copes with everything from work to idleness.
  6. Timez Own

    Surprise Hits

    I never thought I would get so attached to a watch costing so little, but this, as many of you may already have gathered, is a firm favourite of mine.
  7. Timez Own

    Sympathetic Restoration How Do You Feel?

    If the decision was mine and the dinks etc are a personal I would leave as is and service the movement.
  8. Timez Own

    Sympathetic Restoration How Do You Feel?

    I have no problem withnew crystals, polished cases or new bracelets/straps but I have seen too many dials spoiled by a monkey handed vandal. I would usually prefer they be left alone to age gracefully than receive such abuse.
  9. Timez Own


    I like that @Teg62x dislikes that there are no dislikes
  10. Timez Own

    Lets see THIN

    Got that beat Rog... ....like it?
  11. I couldn't tell you what's my favorite, it changes. But one of them is a HMT bought from India for a few pounds. So in this case .....no.
  12. Timez Own

    Messy Eater

    What a stupid thread..............wonderful.......... .............think I might need a nappy myself I nearly wet myself laughing. Hilarity prevails, well done chaps!
  13. Timez Own


    Ah, Frank named his daughter Moon Unit. Used to remind me of a washing machine with a round door, which with the name and the digital readout on your watch made me think the Unit miht souit Her
  14. Timez Own


    Liking 'The Unit' @Davey P. I wonder if Franks daughter wears one.
  15. Timez Own

    Thursday 15th June automatics

    Lovin the Tissot @RWP