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    I've spoke to him a few times since Xmas but not for a month so I'm guessing he's A busy man at the moment
  2. Love watching the prem as I don't support Anyone in it so very impartial on the premiership , Liverpool to win the league and man City , Tottenham and wolves deserve a spot in my opinion to Get top 4 positions , being a Luton town supporter and being relageted out of the football league 10 years ago , we are currantly top off league one and pushing full steam ahead toward the championship come on you hatters lol
  3. Chocolate mini tuna for me today
  4. I have one off these I go to work on https://www.purescooters.com//xiaomi-m365-electric-scooter?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4PK-l-je4QIVL7HtCh2D6wvWEAQYASABEgIBqPD_BwE
  5. Great minds think alike I was looking at the Snow White transformation mine say hi @Roger the Dodger btw
  6. This is my daily work beater I won on the forum , ideal for working airside
  7. Wow what amazing collection to be proud off very very very envious , I have a tag Heuer Monaco McQueen but one day I will get the gulf edition black face with the white Chrono dials early model not the latest addition to complete the duo set
  8. On with the tag heuer Steve McQueen today have a good weekend everybody
  9. Take your time it took me a month to decide on the soxa mod
  10. Mine was a Seiko 7002 and the dial hand set and bezel insert came from dagaz , quality wise from memory it was fine
  11. Once you start it’s very satisfying this Is a few of mine over the years
  12. Chocolate rose gold Seiko mini tuna limited edition for me today have a great Sunday people's
  13. Iceblue


    From the album: Iceblue

  14. @Teg62x many thanks for the prize winning g shock it’s my new daily beater at the airport
  15. Morning all on with the latest mod the invicta Tudor Bb homage And this is Norfolk a few years ago but a lovely back drop one early morning watching the sun rise
  16. Early start with the little man and on with the g shock rangeman
  17. On with this being watched over by one of the watch dogs
  18. Rog just to say that's my birth year watch so if you ever part with it could you put me down on first dibs
  19. On with my latest project mod the invicta Tudor BB homage
  20. Surely a tag heuer Monaco Steve McQueen has to be in the top three just for its iconic status
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