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  1. Iceblue

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody I havnt been about much as I have just adopted a little boy of 11mths old so this Christmas is the most amazing Christmas ever , his first Christmas and our first Christmas as parents , I will be updating you all on the collection in the new year cheers everybody Andy
  2. Cheers Mach keep up the good work and let your inner Seiko monster come out
  3. I will do buddy and thanks for the wàtches and chit chats over the few years
  4. A quick pic off the watch dogs for you buddy
  5. Will do buddy cheers
  6. Cheers buddy If I remeber rightly wasn't you a winner on one of the raffles when you first started
  7. Yes Davey p it's you I am handing the winning Batten over to you as I seem to will a lot on the forum lately
  8. Thanks rog I will pop in now and then defo buddy
  9. Your not kidding and I made a good lot of mistakes that I soon learned from too looking back may be that's part of watch collecting cheers fella
  10. So after many years off buying and selling wearing and enjoying the chace , I feel that the collection has now been filled with a end game watch and with event in my life that will change my outlook on life I'm probably going to take a step back from the forum and just may be pop in from now and then , I've made some great friend and I will continue to speak to you guy on email and texts etc i would also like to thanks Roy and all the member for the generous fundraising auctions and raffles that I did , you guys helped me to raise £1200 towards five charity's , great ormand street , British heart foundation , battersea dog-cat home , keech cottage and mental health foundation anyhow for those that no the reason for my decision thanks for your positive comments and enough of the dribble the sotc first up is my Grail watch that I was lucky enough to get on my 40th birthday I sold a few of the collection and funds that my family gave me to buy this iconic tag heuer Monaco Steve McQueen next is a watch I feel every collection should have , a g shock mine is the rangerman that has a fair few feature that us men can fiddle with,I stupidly sold this to @Rotundus but was lucky enough to buy this back from him and what a great allround g shock i needed a beater for holiday and lucky for me @jsud2002 was selling this watch it's a kirby Morgan divers , this is one off a few brands that are similer and seems to run a Seiko Quartz movement cressi,divex,aqualung, to name a few great value for money and sitting on a gas gas bones strap it fit in nicely next it a very resent buy as every collection needs a Seiko 007 or 009 or a MONSTER don't they @mach 0.0013137i bought this from @Allthingsmustpass Who had modded the dial ,hands and bezel insert and as some are aware I like something different And last but not least the person I bought this watch from on the forum I will not name as We have built a trust and respect with each other and we have sent wàtches that are worth £1000s with out money passing hands untill each person is happy , this is followed by we have never even met in flesh yet , just goes to show their are still amazing people out their and I will follow this with a few more mebers that this trust and respect has been made the end game watch is one that I always said it would be my end game watch at the moment yes it is , will I change my mine I hope not as I don't think I've got it in me to buy sell flip and trade for so many years again lol a classic rolex 1996 Rolex submariner 14060 it's in my eyes honist condition has marks to the bezel insert and spider webbing to the dial , but the seller has done a amazing job refurbing the case and servicing the watch also replacing the crystal and all gasket , I usd the word classic as this really is one off the classic wàtches that Rolex has made in my opinion Anyway this is my watch journey and some thing that I enjoyed a lot and hopefully in the future I may enjoy again , but like I said family life is changing for the better thanks guys
  11. Iceblue

    Almost Friday (Thursday)

    Yep it's taken a lot of flipping and sorting out the collection only a few remain including the tag heuer Monaco thanks buddy
  12. Iceblue

    Almost Friday (Thursday)

    On with the newly arrived 1996 Rolex submariner 14060
  13. Iceblue

    Fantasy Football 2018/19!

    I’m in just signed in