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  1. Fitz666

    Etched Dial

    I like that....quirky but highly functional
  2. Fitz666

    "It's all Rob's fault"

    Possibly the nicest date window yet!!
  3. Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 21 2018
  4. Both top subdial hands don't look lined up, might be the angle (and I hope it is).
  5. That would be a lovely watch if the hands lined up. Cracking read though and some great pics.
  6. Fitz666

    The New Trilobe Les Matinaux Wristwatch

    Similar in function to a Ressence, I still prefer the oil filled one though...
  7. I love the Phaeton, such an understated stunning car.
  8. Might want to check servicing costs and replacement suspension parts, just for a wee laugh.... stunning car though
  9. Fitz666

    Urwerk UR111C - new model

    I love urwerk watches, they have a complicated simplicity to them (got that sounds naff, but I know what I mean) The new one is about £100k.
  10. According to this one.... https://www.montredo.com/en/tissot-porto-gold-tonneau-small-second-t71861232-11963-uhren.html ...it has sapphire. Gorgeous watch btw....
  11. Fitz666

    Fifty Four

    I just see the word homage and think rip off, sorry.
  12. Fitz666

    Oi Oi

    Welcome, to be honest I think everyone has thing for watches out of their price range, that's part of what makes some of them desirable I think.
  13. Is this not similar to leaving your car engine running for the next time you want to drive?
  14. Fitz666

    Orient Defender

    I like that, very modern styling.
  15. Fitz666

    A Moonphase has landed ...

    Possibly the nicest moonphase I have seen in a long time, nice one.
  16. Fitz666

    Back from restoration

    Fantastic resto, I would be well chuffed with that!!!
  17. Fitz666

    Hamilton & Inches Edinburgh

    Wonderful post, just over the water from me and such a rich history, thanks for taking the time to put this all together.
  18. Fitz666

    opinions please

    First thoughts were "it's a bit Meccano" but is it growing on me, I love the crown on it.
  19. Fitz666

    Hello from scotland

    And another Scot welcoming you to the fold!!!
  20. Fitz666

    Citizen C300 Navihawk Restore

    Fab read, well done!!!
  21. Fitz666

    Loot Crate

    I looked into this a while back but realised I have enough tat in my life to be honest.
  22. Fitz666

    Best in the world.

    Seems fine to me.....lol
  23. Fitz666

    Queen's ferry crossing completed.

    Not actually opening until tomorrow morning, I will see what it is like at 7am when I cross on my commute... Then it is closed again on Friday night for a week of celebrations, then opening again.
  24. The date window that close to the centre just shouts out how tiny the movement is compared to the case. Even as a biker I find these a bit to "cheap tat" looking....