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  1. Never realised we had so many youngsters on the forum - keep up the good work while I continue to enjoy retirement As the sun continues to shine and make me keep mowing the lawn I thought this one today to remind me that winter is on the way.
  2. Not tried them but several reviews rate the P30 Pro as the best mobile phone camera with multiple Leica lenses and 40 Mp. Does not do quite so well on video but by no means bad. Samsung Galaxy S9 plus or S10 have more video options including slow motion and also have very good still facilities. One review said that you can only use Huawei nano memory cards and they are about double the price of other makes but unless you need massive of storage then the extra cost will be a minor consideration compared to the cost of the phone. The Huawei also uses a usb connection for headphones rather than the jack pint on other phones - only an issue if you have an expensive set of ear phones.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Lots of Seiko love on here.
  4. Have you tried the camera yet? Thinking about the S9 or S9+ when my contract ends next month. Daft thing is that it seems cheaper to take pot a new contract with the same host than it is to just upgrade. Would just need to transfer the number to a payg and then to the new phone.
  5. It would depend on the SM300 that you have - is it easy to replace if you regret selling it? I would not sell mine because it would be difficult to replace at sensible money.
  6. If you buy new then you have the manufacturer's warranty and it will be some time before it needs a service. For Tag it is worth looking to see where your nearest outlet store is - Bicester Village and Cheshire Oaks are two but there may be others. Christopher Ward are also rated well on the forum and they have regular sales. Although you will be getting a decent discount against rrp (maybe 40% on Tag) you will still get the full manufacturer warranty. Buying used can mean the big depreciation has been taken but bear in mind they may have been bought at a discount. Age is important as it may be nearing a service which will add to your cost.
  7. There is a website www.veloci.ph but it comes up as not secure although does not get blocked by Bullguard/Norton etc. They list stockists in the Philippines so you might track them down that way. Otherwise do a post asking if anyone lives out there as they may be able to give you more information.
  8. Not for me thanks - far too blingy. @Nigelp - next you will want us all to wear diamond engagement rings.
  9. Have you tried a google search - looks as if they are made/assembled in the Philippines but very little information on their website - not even any contact details.
  10. Doubt if you would find used ones at that price let alone new.
  11. You could try typing in `bremont discounts' in your search engine and see what comes up. Jura are currently offering 10% off on Bremont - code BM10. You could also try ADs in the USA as they often offer good discounts - just need to check the exchange rate and factor in the VAT on import (based on total price of watch + shipping & insurance). One Ad that had a good reputation is Toppers - info@topperjewelers.com
  12. TWF is the perfect forum for anyone with a fetish for grumpy old men Sen quite a few groups live - The Who, Trogs, Moody Blues, Animals, Herman's Hermits, Dave Clark etc but they were at dance halls down in Thanet and no one bothered with cameras (no mobile phones back then). No security and you didn't need binoculars to see the groups. Seen a few at larger venues such as the Albert Hall but a concert at a football stadium where you watch them on large screens has never appealed. Pet hate though is performers like Elton and Paul M who carry on after the voice has gone - like Paul M croaking his way through Hey Jude at the London Olympics - tribute band for The Who sounded good but then Roger D & co did a croak - between them they made the Spice Girls sound OK.
  13. You could always get one from Titan Black if you don't want to be in the cheap seats.
  14. Seller joined ebay on 5th April - no feedback and no details about age etc of the watch. No box or papers mentioned but you can Buy It Now for a decent price. What could possibly be wrong - surprised it has not been snapped up.
  15. It is not really a fee for importing the goods The 20% VAT that we mention applies to goods manufactured in the UK as well as to imported goods so when members post a thread about being stung for import duty it is really just a case of `will I have to pay the tax that is due'.
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