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  1. BondandBigM

    The most beautiful piece of music.

    I'll give you a shout the next time the Vinyl Brothers are playing in my Local. The crank out an outstanding Ibiza after party mix
  2. With all due respect I've had a dozen or so F-Body Firebird/Camaros and a couple of Vettes, at one time frequented all the Chevy forums, even been to a few big Chevy shows in the States and have never heard of or seen a factory Third Gen F-Body LT5. Sure a few hot rodders have done it but to make one or two to hand out to some Mounties a factory fit would have been a hugely expensive job. Again no disrespect but did you actually see one. Just as an asides there was a place in LA that sold off ex LAPD cop cars, at the time I lived there there were the usual suspects, Crown Vics and the odd Mustang but they weren't that special other than having the "police package" option which mostly added up to heavy duty suspension and uprated cooling systems. I await your engine bay pics of this legendary LT5 Camaro. Obviously I'll stand corrected but I've been in Canada and I never saw one.
  3. BondandBigM

    Sunday Newbies Post 1990 ~ 09/12.

    Super Sunday again and another day closer to our bit of fun in the sun. Same old Same old Is it just me or do the weeks fly by when you're a grumpy old git. This year seems to have flown past.
  4. BondandBigM

    Watch tart

    I wear my LV and they let us in so I'm sure you'd be fine with a Cartier
  5. Here's one Camaro I had back in the day, looks to be about the same age as yours. This one was a 5ltr in arrest me red. The one thing I do remember was when the electric latch for the rear deck cover blew, almost impossible to get at and I had to drive around for ages with the roof locked in the boot. Or in Yank speak stuck in the trunk Who's ZR1Vette did you impound to get the LT5. Quad overhead cam 32v V8 and exclusive to the ZR1 Corvette, after numerous speed and endurance records dubbed "King of the Hill" the engine was developed by Lotus here in Blighty and made by Mercruiser. A bit special although the early version was a tad under 400hp. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/a25691/drive-flashback-1990-chevrolet-corvette-zr-1/
  6. As you would expect I preferred the Coupe version
  7. An RS !!! Is that the best you could bring to the car chase, still I suppose it was a step up from a horse but only just. Back in the day I had a couple of full fat tuned port injection Z28 Camaros. Would have saw you off without even trying
  8. Another memory jogger Back in the day I had a Z Cars Zephyr, pretty much looked like this except mine had Wolfrace slot mags, remember those !!! I swapped a 3.0 ltr V6 Scimitar that I had for it which used to just smell of burning fibreglass all the time and was a pretty awful thing. The one not so noticable thing though was that it had a 289ci Ford V8 dropped in (that's about 4.6 ltr to those that can't work out imperial to metric) that had been worked over a bit and a top loader 4 speed manual box and boy could it pull some RPM. The fun I had in that with the local traffic plod in at the time their asmatic Range Rovers.
  9. There is a Rolex in a couple or three pics. Nothing wrong with a Vauxhall, I've had loads over the years. First was an old "M" reg 2.3 Victor, then all sorts, Victor VX4/90, Monza, Viva, Manta GTE's, Nova GTE, a Mk1 Astra GTE If you had one of either of the couple below you'd be topping up your taxpayers funded gold plated pension with a few bob. As said nothing wrong with a Vauxhall
  10. As I said Big M was a bit surprised at people shouting at us when we toot around with the roof down. And what's all this nonsense about indicators on a roundabout. What's wrong with "give way to the left" or I'm driving a Beemer so get out my feckin way. Now that I'm back in a Beemer winding up old codgers in Peugeots at roundabouts in my new hobby.
  11. To new, mine is the last of the previous model and still looks like a proper Merc.
  12. The E46 is a nice motor and mine is imho the best colour combo as well but there's something about these W202 C Class Mercs Sports, the way they sit on the road, they just imho again look right and have a bit of presence where as the Beemer when you look at it from certain angles just isn't quite there and they are ten a penny.
  13. The Rolex is a given but can't make up my mind on the motors. Although some days I fancy I'll ditch the other two stick the Merc in somewhere and get it tarted up a bit back to its former glory. Cheaper than having a load of Big M's money tied up in an M, Porker or AMG car. Being that she's such a tight @rse she'd only make me pay her back anyway These days probably no one will know its not a proper C36/43. And forget the Audi, went well but a bag of scrap, I'll never have another one.
  14. BondandBigM

    Saturday Watch Parade ~ 08/12.

    I was in a random stripper bar in Canada and back the a lot of those American porn movie companies toured around them and one was in that night. A big blonde appeared out of nowhere at my side and whipped the top of her dress down and at the same time a bloke with a camera started snapping away, shortly after I was relieved of C$25 for the pics This was the young lady
  15. BondandBigM

    Saturday Watch Parade ~ 08/12.

    Been watching that 80's Italian porn channel on XHamster again have you ??? A bit of forking around with the Seiko at work today.