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  1. Martin is ok, I received a message earlier from the man himself.
  2. And many dont, its just one of those things. The technical term is backlash.
  3. It's a known issue with many Quartz movements and not a problem as such. If it were most would be returned by the purchaser.
  4. Correct. Submit a sensible report on your new Watch. The AD will rectify any issues.
  5. Nope sorry don't like that one bit, but that just my opinion.
  6. Yes, I hope he is ok? And again if anyone has information please speak up, when one of the good guys goes missing we tend to notice. Thanks for replying Nigelp Certainly possible I will ask. Have sent Roy a message so we may find something out.
  7. PC-Magician


    Anyone heard from martinzx? I messaged him some time ago and not heard a thing, and my message has not been read so now getting concerned about his wellbeing.
  8. The Precista PRS-10 is great value for money. Smiths NATO PRS-40 Lug to Lug far too big 54mm!!!!!!!!!!!, Smaller and I would be all over it. I have an MWC with a Ronda 715 movement and it gains 1 second over two weeks, that's pretty good TBH. I also fitted a Ronda to one of my Seiko Dress Watches and the timekeeping is spot on. The Ronda based Watches I own are accurate, my MWC gains 1 second over two weeks, that's very good indeed.
  9. Sounds like you've been unlucky, your Watch is running out of spec. First make sure it is fully wound, hand wind if you need to by unscrewing the crown you will feel it pop slightly this is the winding position. You cannot overwind an automatic. Then set the time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/uk/london Then time it over a 24 hour period. I would estimate your particular Watch should be in the region of -2 seconds to +2 seconds a day, my twenty-year-old Seamaster SMP serviced 2 years ago can easily achieve +2 seconds a day, so no reason yours cannot. The CoAxial movements run at 25,200 BPH or at least the Cal 2500C variants if I remember correctly, but this should have no real bearing on accuracy it is after all COSC certified. Please keep us informed. Rest assured you have a fine Watch when everything is sorted out.
  10. Not if it will only come out of the front (Front Loader)
  11. Tags are fine so enjoy the new Watch.
  12. Not recognized by an official body Roger, nonetheless, they do give a structured way of learning which is just what I need.
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