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  1. coredriller

    A Cheap Buy

    A great buy. Congrats.
  2. coredriller

    New Arrival (Just For The Weekend) :)

    A fantastic find.
  3. coredriller

    Watchmaker Recommendations In London

    Steven Hale in George Street comes highly recommended, even by JCL.
  4. coredriller

    As Far As Birth Year Watches Go

    A real beaut.
  5. coredriller


    Very nice pieces.
  6. coredriller

    My New Arrival (By New I Mean 1940S)

  7. coredriller

    Rolex Query?

    Think they only use solid gold
  8. coredriller

    Nice Watch Pic

    nice piece
  9. coredriller

    Sometimes The Evil Bay Comes Up Trumps.

    Nice piece. E Bay has its uses, just a matter of being selective.
  10. coredriller

    Repainted By A Expert?

    Totally agree. Really don't know how they can say "expertly repainted" when they are absolutely terrible.
  11. coredriller

    Incoming Rolex Needs Attention - Advice Please

    Would definately use a Rolex accredited watchmaler.
  12. coredriller

    Omega - Service, Or Leave It Alone?

    Definately worth a service.
  13. coredriller

    Vintage Watches Collection.com

    I find the trouble with Marcus's website is that it is not updated and most of the pieces have already been sold. They are expensive, but there are some really nice watches. I have heard mixed reports.
  14. coredriller

    Is This A Fake?

    Looks good. Just in need of a little TLC.
  15. coredriller

    My Vintage Collection

    Some beautiful pieces