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  1. This one for me today, dreary damp Thursday.......still at least Im not working today! didnt take this photo today..............but at least it was taken on a Thursday!
  2. This one for me today............Cant decide if I prefer it on the bracelet, or a leather strap though!..
  3. Wow! Thats beautiful.. Ive just fallen in love! A beautiful looking watch.
  4. I like them both! I think it sounds like a a pretty good deal.. At the end of the day though...its what you prefer!
  5. A lovely sunny day , here in South Wales, so on with this little beauty. As I took it out of my watch box (well..OK! Lidls tea box!) I realised, about half of my little collection..is now made up of Longines?! I am liking retro style....but with newer movements...and slightly bigger , than the "original".
  6. This one for me today, on my "long ""! weekend off!
  7. On with "probably"! my favourite watch on this post grand slam winning Sunday!!
  8. This one for me today, I quite like this little one! Comfy on the wrist, light, easy to read....whats not to like?!
  9. This one for me today .(well ive had it on since yesterday, when I had the bracelet fitted.to be honest!). A lovely L.E. Jazzmaster.
  10. Just to confirm (as one or two have already posted). Watchfinder will pay you by bank transfer a few days....maybe up to a week later. You will get a better price selling it privately.."sometimes", its possible to get a "decent" deal via part trade with Watchfinder too.
  11. This little beauty for me today. Its literally just arrived! I go away for 4 and a half weeks tomorrow, on my hols in the sun! So will probably take a couple of Seikos, or something similar with me! No more posting on here for me for a bit then! Not the best of pics...but Im in a rush and excited!! (about new watch, and holidays tomorrow!!). (the last photo isnt too bad...first two are rubbish! sorry!).
  12. marley


    That looks very nice indeed!
  13. marley


    Decisions decisions!! Im a serial flipper...Ive lost count of the watches, ive lusted after for what seems like ages......To finally get it....then flip it later! I find, if Im not wearing the watch, for whatever reason...its "probably", better to flip it, then get what you really want...at the time!...Then it starts allover again! I have bought a few watches in "sales", can save a fair few hundred that way..........Thinking about it? The watches Ive kept....are mainly those ones?! Its also possible to buy watches on 0% interest free credit.........Ive done this........I know some people dont like to do it...but? Personally...for me its a no brainer! My money can stay in the bank making bugger all interest!....While I pay monthly interest free credit on the watch! Also..I once bought a watch in a sale.....it stated that sales items were not available for 0% interest free credit...it was a big saving by the way...I asked (either by e-mail or their online chat thingy) if I could have 0% interest free for the watch....they said I could...but only up to a maximum of 12 months! Which is what I wanted anyway! So I had a right result! I must say,, that when Ive had a watch on 0% ...I have had the money to "buy" the watch .......Using my strange logic though! By using 0% I feel as if Im getting a better deal! By the way, what Longines Conquest were you thinking of? I recently bought a Longines Flagship Heritage....and I love it!
  14. postimage.org they are really easy to use, for posting photos. If I can do it..ANYBODY! can!
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