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  1. It has not although the enamel on the face has started to chip off so will go in on the weekend and try and get the bits out! doesn't seem to effect the performance though been ticking and is on a timpsons free battery replacement card as well so will keep ticking for as I remember to keep the card!
  2. Back to school for me for my 1995 Adidas sports watch had this for over 20 years my second oldest watch that has belonged to me since new
  3. 1970 Omega Geneve, with a 601 cal movement and 18k gold case, inherited from my Grandfather in law, the black on the movement comes from when he superglued a cork disk onto the back as his wrists got thinner in old age! Still keeps good vintage time, (better than my LED watch at least!)
  4. Gone LED, this watch is by far the most inaccurate watch I own! loses about 2mins plus a day!
  5. Casio for a trip to the seaside
  6. Put on the Tag Heuer 1000 this morning and its jumping 5 seconds at a time so need to get the battery changed, so decided on a quick switch to my new Casio which is actual not dissimilar in style to the Tag, I love the sword fish, but does it annoy anyone else that the case back is not on 'straight' ? I have the tools to change but seeing as its brand new don't want to 'break' the seal just yet!
  7. I am on the 5th floor so you could say I have reached my Zenith! this is a sporto from the 70s great little watch and I love the strap!
  8. Seiko for me today, my birth year watch, and seems in much better shape than me! I assume it hasnt spent the last 30 years getting smashed about on a rugby pitch I
  9. Could really put anything else on today after its arrival on the Weekend
  10. Well someone told me about Chrono24 and I got all tempted by a little German Seamaster! The chap was very pleasant to deal with and it arrived today so without further ado my 5th Omega! And 3rd Seamaster!! Solid box Decent amount of packaging Secondary bubble wrap And here she is! Came with extra links as well but it doesn’t need them as it fits perfectly Original bracelet and I love the Seamaster logo! Sits nicely on the wrist happy days what do you think? Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it looks fantastic!
  11. I have looked in my Local Cash converters and I asked if the watch (a tag Aquaracer) was Quartz or Automatic and they answered 'yes, a quartz automatic' I decided to leave at this point
  12. Morning All saw the fashion watch thread so went for the only one I have, a nice Nixon with a Hacking movement, a birthday present to me from my brother. I want one I want one I want one! is this the 36? I just love this watch so much
  13. Sometimes the stars align dont they! I also went for my 1967 Omega Geneve Seamaster having not looked on here this morning! 40 microns gold plated, love this watch its so classy!
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