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  1. Ooh the copy and paste worked! Feel I've ruined the 'Can't decide which to wear' joke now Thanks.. All sorted now
  2. Ditto.. Uploaded and wanted to post. Anyone advise if it may be because the yearly subscription has expired?
  3. Hm, I don't have the option of adding an image from existing file anymore, only from URL. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. It actually doesn't look big on.. Probably looks that way as it's a close up pic on my wrist
  5. I manged to blag a Netflix password from my cousin a few weeks ago and have been pleasantly surprised at how good some of their original shows are. I have a long commute so have manged to binge Stranger Things and Narcos so far.. Highly recommend both if anyone hasn't had a look!
  6. My Frederique Constant Runabout.. By far the most comfortable watch I own and would highly recommend
  7. My attempts at scenic photos never fail to go wrong!
  8. My grail car!! Had the pleasure of driving one on a track a few years ago.. Adrenaline rush has just about settled now!
  9. Full of the joys of spring today, despite the 0430 alarm! Off to the motherland tomorrow and no work until Tuesday!! Whoop
  10. Not serviced my PO since 2012, had my Aquaterra from new since 2014,Tag Aquaracer since around 2012 and a few others since then and they all run absolutely fine. I only wear them a few times a month each or maybe for a week at a time then back in the safe for a few months! I am aware I'm playing a dangerous game but really have not had the money for servicing owing to house moves and new family.. Will definitely be sending them off for services in the foreseeable though.
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