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  1. Morning all. Still with the DJ41 today. Have a good one!
  2. Another one for the Moonwatch here. Also, they are readily available at the airport and the 20% discount could go towards a little trip too
  3. Great collection! Nice to see so many German watches in there too, I hope to add some to my collection at some point.
  4. Hi all, The Datejust 41 for me today. Haven't worn this in a while. Have a good day
  5. One of my few quartz out today. Have a good day!
  6. Morning all! Keep going back to the Seiko at the moment. Have a good day!
  7. Love it. Agree with you in Cartier being the champs of classic Roman numerals too Keeping it on bracelet or might we see a leather strap coming too?
  8. Friend of mine has the brown version of the presage (minus power reserve) and it is excellent, I would go for the Seiko.
  9. Morning all, JLC today. Have a good day.
  10. For 10k I would get... 1. Seiko SBDX017 2. JLC Grande Reverso 976 (with discount) 3. Speedmaster Pro Moonwatch (from the airport) Ambitious but it surely could be done
  11. I am being too predictable. The Seiko is back on. Have a good day!
  12. I actually managed to get this brand new from an authorised dealer for £300. They were very good, I showed them a jeweler online that were doing it for that price in a sale and they matched. Love the watch too so very pleased It's the SRPA21K1
  13. Morning all! One that hasn't seen the light of day for quite some time! Excuse the bezel position... Have a good day!
  14. Morning all. Still with the Seiko today. Have a good day!
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